Sunday, 3 July 2011

New Products for InWorldz

This is my new Foxglove Orchid which I am more or less finished making. The flower prim is based on the shape of a foxglove (digitalis) hence the name... though I doubt we'll ever see a foxglove in RL with these colours.

It should go on sale soon on my sim soror Nishi Island.

Nyx Breen is doing a show of various elf-inspired floating islands on his sim, details to follow, and this group of floating islands (in Tree of Trees colours) I thought could be something someone might want on their own sim, so I have it/them for sale on my sim ... contact me for details....

Now, I'm not sure if I have mentioned in these pages that Nazz Lane has done a very competent interview with me on his excellent blog Lane's List....

...and I am sure I haven't mentioned Neph's post on the ecological advantages brought to her bog by the planting of the Telepathic Bog Lilly which is a more recent post... here. Dark Moon sim is in SL, and mentioned previously here.


.... have a good sunday..



  1. Truly outstanding and so delicate!

  2. I really love the Foxglove. Beautiful and deadly. Between this plant and hemlock we've covered most of the poisons used in poetic tragedy. :)

  3. Glad you like it, Tranq ... good heart medicine too.

  4. I love it! I grew foxglove once; it's pretty, and traditionally good for fairy houses. Some advice: don't touch without gloves!!! I had a wonderful afternoon hoping I wasn't going to have a heart attack; digitalis will sink into the skin and hence the blood!

  5. They are very nicely done Soror ... still need to get in IWz and have a look around.

  6. I have to have that Foxglove Soror... where can we find you now?

  7. GJCR ...I'll IM you InWorldz.