Friday, 1 July 2011

soror Nishi leaves FaceBook, again....

Yep, after my first attempt failing (to leave that is) I just let the whole thing ramble on and then today, looking back on my last 6 months in Facebook I figured I had spent at least 80% of my Facebook time in disabling stuff. I never find anything interesting on Facebook and I don't find anything social about having hundreds of people call themselves friends either. I think I knew about 5% of my 'friends' and the rest were total strangers.

I really only need a handful of real friends, there's no status element for me in stacking up hundreds of people on my list. It has elements of when I was a teenager, I hated going to bed in case I 'missed something' and FB is a bit the same...get an account so that I am not missing out. Well, to be quite honest I don't think there was anything much to miss out on.

The secret with disabling your account at FB, and something I didn't know last time is...that you have to make sure you don't go to FB, or "like" on YouTube for 14 days after you leave... details here.

Now, Twitter, which I slagged off a lot in the beginning is quite enjoyable, its like inworld Chat, except, it mostly works, unlike Chat.

Netlog I joined because some French friends are allergic to the English language which, I thought, was fair enough...but... since I joined Netlog I have been contacted by a LOT of men who have, listed under interests only "women".... hmmm ...if your only interest in life is "women" AKA sex ... then you are a boring person and don't get any of my time. So, I've not been impressed with Netlog.... and my french isn't quite good enough to find out how to disable I've just unclicked everything...

Posterous I have joined a while back and basically never used...well maybe once or twice, and LinkedIn has an RL fetish so I am not very impressed with that either.

News, and it's quite a long article, here, about how Google + is going to change social media and become the leader, overtaking FB as THE place to be. Very 'in depth' article and worth a read.

...and so... that is one less time-waste-nonsense I have to deal with.

...back to the tennis...



  1. Facebook sucks... I use twittilator which dumps every tweet into my facebook which in turn helps with empire avenue (which I do enjoy for now). I also see it as a way of abusing facebook... which pleases me. I never do EA shout outs or other spammy stuff on twitter, FB is perfect for that too. Like you I dont know most if my FB 'friends'.

    You always seem like a wise person to me. Enjoy the tennis! :)

  2. You play tennis? Cool. I just have FB for RL. Gonna try Linked In for networking job wise. However, I do know most of my FB friends.

  3. Rotten interface...laggy at peak times...lots of stupid folks. Like the worst parts of SL w/o the cool digital artists :P

    I do know my FB friends IRL, however, and just ignore the rest, including those vapid "smiles" (now blocked!).

  4. Back to tennis?!!
    I´m still pissed you didn´t tell me about International Miso Day and that you fail to mention womens world championship in football going on in germany right now!

  5. Awwww Apmel! *special Apmel-only hugs*

    Don't need to chime in about FB (which I started using the abbreviation cause 1. you know what it means 2. keeps webbots from excitedly indexing every mention of FB). You know how I feel about it.

  6. Emma...:))

    Neph, I don't play...just watch..

    Apmel... I hate football...sorry...and sorry for the Miso thingy...

  7. Spanks from me too about the Miso day =)) And i love Twitter too, its great fun and i can use it even if my connection is lousy and keep in touch with friends. The chat in Twitter is often a lot more fun than inworlds.... *fun=crazy*

    in my blog i have a link to a complete manual how to quit FB. Its not that easy! Link:

  8. Wow, very thorough Mera, great post.