Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Press.

It’s a funny thing that the Murdochs have been getting so much press really. I mean, there is surely no one out there who didn’t think that the politicians , police and press all had their hands in each others pockets.... but, like the metaphorical MP found tied up in a seedy hotel, it’s the fact that they were caught that’s the point. Everyone knows it goes on.

...but we all get excited and “tutt” a lot.

The BBC launched a new programme today, pure fiction, about a rebellious young investigative reporter who takes on the evil elite and exposes their corrupt manipulation of power... this contrasts well with the real reporters who scavenge tho rubbish bins (garbage) to find scraps of news, or hack mobiles.

It’s a bit of an aside... and clearly I do not condone hacking in any form ... ("breaking someone's website, it's just wrong") ..but... the poetry of the hackers getting hacked has to seem like justice for some.. (dumb journalist who can’t read is cool too)

The phrase “he who lives by the sword...etc” comes to mind.

With the recent announcement that the army considers copyright theft their problem too, and the nailing of Aaron Swartz, combined with the enforcement agencies/Facebook collusion, things are hotting up.

I was reminded of Noam Chomsky’s take...

“...let me summarize. There's a standard view- rhetorical view, a standard view in rhetoric is basically that of Justice Powell -- the public ought to exert meaningful control over the political process, and it's the role of the media to allow them to do it. That's the rhetoric. There's a contrary view, which is that the public is a dangerous enemy, and it has to be controlled for its own good. And that contrary view is very widely held. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it's the dominant view among sophisticated commentators on political theory, going back to the 17th Century- democratic commentators. So we've got these two views counterposed.” (re. manufacturing consent)

Yep, that’s for sure.

Currently there is a major problem... there is, for the controlling elite of any country... too much press (via internet) freedom. In an amazingly brazen hypocrisy the US claimed it was gonna spend $30 million fighting internet censorship in [sic] repressive regimes, that was back in May.... while your Government (and mine), deciding that “ the public is a dangerous enemy, and it has to be controlled for its own good “ (to quote Chomsky) continued it’s steady movement towards internet control... mostly via subservient corporations, spurred on by business interests and quoting the terrorist/paedophile myth.

Well, I would imagine that there is no danger to small blogs like mine, I don’t have any staggeringly new information for you about the way the world works, and I would suggest that any really important leaks would get through in spite of any attempt to blanket quell...like with WikiLeaks ...

Now, that may just be because the Powerful have not yet closed all the hatches or it may just be that there are so many hatches that stuff will filter through.

In it’s death throws any Power Structure behaves badly, like a moral spasm before finally admitting defeat, (or, more likely, morphing into a new form) and, currently, the worse the Enforcers behave, the more desperate they seem.



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