Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Sim Crossing ... how it should be done....

Many thanks to Mera for bringing this to my attention.

A great demonstration of why we were all getting so excited about Phlox in InWorldz a few weeks back when it was first rolled out across the grid.

Tranq and Legion have really set the bench mark with the new script engine, one which LL will never be able to compete with. Never? Well, as far as I understand LL shot themselves (and us) in the foot when they decided to have servers in different states servicing adjacent sims .... that, as I commented at the time, is never going to work.

Balpien Hammerer is the genius scripter of this vehicle, I believe....

...well, whoever it was it shows why I believe InWorldz is gonna steal the show .... PhysX next....



  1. I usually don't even know when I've crossed a sim in InWorldz. It changes the way I move through the world. I love it!

  2. Yw soror! yes its wonderful!! :`)


  3. so glad you posted this...:))