Friday, 15 July 2011

Enemies of The State

A good 30 years ago the music industry was on it's knees as people started buying tape-recorders and taping music off the radio...things only got worse with the widespread ownership of computers....until the music industry and iTunes found a way to make money again.

Now it's the turn of Hollywood and the TV companies to tremble...but, never fear, the Marines are here....

In an attempt to increase the propaganda against Intellectual Property theft it now seems like the US Army is involved. Stealing images from, say, Walt Disney is now a military concern....

Sounds weird?

Well ... as reported via ars technica here........the recently published Department of Defence document "Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace" uses this logic....

Cyberspace is now a recognised military Domain.....and... ('therefore') ........ “Every year, an amount of intellectual property larger than that contained in the Library of Congress is stolen from networks maintained by US businesses, universities, and government departments and agencies," says the strategy.
“As military strength ultimately depends on economic vitality, sustained intellectual property losses erode both US military effectiveness and national competitiveness in the global economy.”

Ergo.... if you misuse Walt Disney's images you are stealing money from the US Military.

How wonderful for American businesses to have the full might of the US Military to back them up in their petty IPR issues.... that takes some beating.

[Hygiene is such a spooky word when the Army uses it.]

Currently there is no policy of sending a missile to blow up suspected hackers, like Israel does to suspected terrorists, but it's still early days....
In the future we could learn that if you download the wrong thing, they'll bomb you..... that's progress.

So glad some days that I live in a civilised democratic society...



  1. completely proving the point - the Mouse House is truly scary

  2. The military has admitted to using software to generate thousands of fake personas for the purpose of propagandizing and locating people across social networks (google army sock puppet).

    The military has no business IN BUSINESS. They are being suborned by commercial interests.

    The "facts" quoted above and in numerous articles are not facts at all; they are the blind, unexamined assertions of the gatekeeper/middlemen. They'd been asserting these fake figures for over 8 years now. Those "figures" have been demonstrated as fiction in many studies now.

    So... facts don't matter. Laws don't matter. You're seeing what was predicted as early as 1984: this revolution in communication and electronic democracy is going to be fought tooth and nail by the State as well as Commerce.

    It's about control. And they didn't build the net; we gave them billions to do it. They want it, and they want to reduce it to a one-way conduit for profit, using us as the product.

    We are going to have to fight for this.

  3. grrr - m'love, how about drone attacks on perps?
    Ali ( since i cant figure out how else to post)

  4. In europe we have since long had the idea that the difference between american type democracy and the european kind is that the former protect the business against the people and the later at least used to try to do the reverse.

    And of course the US military has always protected US business abroad.