Monday, 18 July 2011

The Dragonfly Poppy, a new species.

Yes another new product comes to the InWorldz market, well...on my island at least.

I've called it, as you see above, the Dragonfly Poppy. The petals I think I've managed to get near to the crumpled silk look of real poppies, and from the side they look like dragonfly wings, hence the name.

Some people have already started reading this blog on Wordpress..... which is a bit weird of me, I know...but the idea was to see if I could get better images by uploading at a higher res to Wordpress. They allow a 2048 upload tho I am not yet sure if the resulting image is improved.

Anyway...for a while I'm gonna post in both places as Wordpress also gives me a Google-free back-up.

Not sure what will happen...

we will see.



  1. Magical texture on these, Soror :))

  2. Outstanding as always :o))))

  3. Thank you, both. Yes, one of the advantages of IWz is the uploads... that texture was about the tenth one I uploaded, to get it right, plus 4 or 5 sculptie mounts up in SL.

  4. Wonderful! I love your flowers <3

    I dont know how to do about Blogger. The risk of them removing blogs is minimal I think. Its another matter with Google+. I think my blog is safe and i have investigated Wordpress and im not sure i like it. I wanna keep my blog as it look and it seems to cost money to use your own templates/logo in Wordpress?? I have a testblog in Wordpress but i cant get it like i want....Maybee cause im "blonde"?? =)

  5. I agree 100% Mera.
    I guess I'm using it as back up at the moment, but I'm not happy with how it looks yet.

  6. Now im afraid im a mess but I decided to close my blogger blog and use the wordpress blog i activated in may.... I also has other reasons besides "bloggers avatar policy"... But that is an important issue. I actually dont know what wordpress says in that matter??

    I like your wordpress blog. Maybee we just has to get used to them... I still use default look on my blog, maybee ill change that later on.
    Hugss! //Mera

  7. ps it depends on which theme you choose in Wordpress, how easy it is to change header and background! Its not that difficult, i have investigated it today =))