Wednesday, 13 July 2011

delivering a googly...

I have it on good authority, backed by Wikipedia, that this is some dodgy ball delivered in the unnecessarily boring game of cricket... and that is what I did today myself.. Doh!!

I got my knickers in a twist after reading an article about Google rebranding Blogger, the hosts of the pages you are now reading.... and (small) panicked. So...I thought I'd make sure I had an alternative place to write my musings and tried to start a blog on Wordpress.... took so long that I grew several years older waiting for stuff to upload and I still don't have a suitable format, but, of course, it's early days...

I then realised, while growing older, that I had panicked unnecessarily and that everything would be fine.... I am an established name, there's no problem.

There has been so much written on Real Names in the past few days that I hardly dare say anything for fear of boring myself to death. I wrote substantially on the subject back in January 2010, ... here and here.... and don't really want to get bogged down in it all again.

Tateru has a recent post here, and Botgirl has, with usual insight drawn a great comic.... here ...and here.....with part 3 promised...

What is pretty obvious tho is that this is a major subject for the Internet and, of course, Real Life, i.e. when I came back from Hong Kong I couldn't open a bank account because I didn't exist enough to prove I was me...[I didn't have Utility bills]...

It's funny when you travel to somewhere which is 'less developed' than 'the Western World', somewhere where people don't have, say, phones and electricity. People look at you, but ....really look, ... they listen to what you say, and, given a short period of time, they form an opinion of you which they are not afraid to bet on. We all used to have to rely on our wits and our senses, as we do in VWs. It makes absolutely no difference to me, or to any of us, how you dress in VWs or what your name is... if you are a dork, that will show eventually. period.

There is no real authentication of you or I as a person, there's just my experience of you and vice versa.

I've been called all sorts of things...




  1. Same here; When I moved to OH, despite 25 continuous years in LA, with references from 5 or more big shot Beverly Hills attorneys, I had to give someone the bulk of my savings to pay for an entire year's rent up front because "I wasn't a local."

    So despite a perfect credit history, bill paying history and accounts established for at least 15 years with major telco services and banks... I wasn't "verified enough."

  2. Quite right. It was blogs like yours (good ones) I was referring to my blog post earlier. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds