Sunday, 3 July 2011

Google+ ... the new Big Brother?

Well, just when I thought I would take a break from (not very) Social Media, Google+ hits the streets running... Wizzy, intrepid pioneer that she is has already signed up and, apparently sent me an invitation... rarer than hen's teeth...

...but... the whole invitation thing has been closed down temporarily due to "insane demand" ... hmmm ... mental people like me? soo...I'll have to wait a while before reporting fully back to you, dear reader....

I did ask Wizzy if I should have a social holiday, and her reply "this crap is hard work" had me splurting coffee over the keyboard... good one!

When Google tested this out a while back with their employees they found that exactly the same happened, namely that a much higher proportion of people wanted "in" than they had guestimated. Seems like it is a lot better than FB and we may well see the eventual decline and death of FB according to some... here .... after all FB is apparently "tolerated" in the same way as the IRS according to some survey somewhere.

For those that missed it a few days ago, I posted the link to Wired's very thorough post on Google + all you need to know....right here...:)))

It has been simplified from it's earliest incarnation, but it will still take a while to find your way around, apparently. The ability to organise friends into various groupings would seem to be a great step forward, and the personalised "stream' of news called Sparks (above) could be as addictive as Twitter.... and there is video chat, too....Hangout (and hang up???)..

While it is great to stay in touch with people, you actually don't really want to stay in touch with the whole of the world 24/7, and having limited "Circles" of friends is decidedly a marked improvement over the constant babble.

....and, so far, it's a StoopidVille-free area...

Now, there have been a lot of contrary opinions about it all, and forums are bursting with Any Bigots views both for and against....

The Antis seem to think FB will simply steal the best ideas for FB and that Google will never grow fast enough, large enough to compete....

The Pros say that FB is crap and the Antis are stupid.... isn't discussion a wonderful thing.

Me, well...I'll wander over when they open the doors...but...Real Name? I should coco.... I read too much Miso to get sucked in to that....

....."improved Privacy" does not mean Privacy, it just means "better than FB" which is like saying Really Crap Food is better than Crap Food.... not much of a recommendation.

Big Brother has many names.

...and, really, I don't need an App to know who my friends are....



  1. If you click the +1 button on the bottom of this post it will be listed high on Google search ... *smiles mischievously* ... (not exactly gonna create a New World Order... but amusing to those of us who are easily amused).

  2. you can put in any name you like Soror (I did;) my real life name is for RL not for online, that is what handle is for after all

  3. I agree with u both, my rl name is for rl not online....So google demands real names too? thats sick!

  4. Actually i never spent any money when i had Facebook as my real life self, but as Mera Kranfel my virtual identity i spend a lot of money online..... if its my real life money they want and i guess it is.

  5. OK...that sounds good then, Qpop....

    yep, Mera thats what they want...:))) your cash...

  6. No meeroos, but I'm compensating ... decided to wear Meeroo (fur) all season.

  7. I have it on relatively good authority that Google don't actually give a hoot what name you use.

    They are not that concerned about your RL data and are mainly concerned with being able to direct targeting advertising at you, which is where most of their money is made (and which I can live with ignoring for the sake of a much more secure social network than FB).

  8. Yes, you are right Suella... I am logged in as soror Nishi ... no problem