Friday, 31 July 2009

Scarp Godenot

Scarp Godenot at Gemini Elysia is showing some new work today, Saturday 6 - 9

This is what he says....
"Join Scarp Godenot and his friends at the opening of his latest sculpture show featuring NEW never before seen Monumental Sculptures.

Saturday August 1st at 6- 9 PM Second Life Time... [eek! thats today...must get to bed...]

A great live DJ will be playing awesome art music while we dance the evening away!

Scarp will also have tabletop versions of his new pieces available at the show opening.

Scarps work involves complex form and spatial relationships and surfaces that are made from his real life abstract photographs."

and what I like is the simple fact that Scarp explores forms (and textures) like a sculptor should... no gimmicks, just sculpture... worth popping in to see ...and have a dance if you are American, us Europeans should be in bed by that time..


moving house, RL styleee

Well, its official now, I'm moving house after two years here and am NOT looking forward to it.
I was going through my old stuff from two years ago when I moved in here and came across a letter which just about sums things up... lol....I must have been pretty frustrated when I wrote this....

Its to British Telecom, my ISP.....

"Dear Sir,

Re. No Broadband , day 2.

British Telecommunications will be the economic death of us all. The economy of the whole country is in no small degree dependent on internet service providers (ISP) being capable of a semblance of competence rather than an organisation of recently evolved Simian con-artists.

How is it possible, in this age of service-orientated businesses, for a company such as BT to take so long to answer a phone?*

How can they charge me for a service that they are not providing and charge me to phone them to tell them so?

How can they close down my communication life-line and not inform me beforehand?

As a last question I would ask the Prime Minister how he can allow one company to do more damage than a thousand virus designers? Is he unaware or complacent ?

If British businesses are dependent on BT, God help us all.
If the Security Forces are dependent on BT, questions need to be asked in the House.

soror Nishi

*I am still on the phone as I speak, (my call ”IS important”), It is now coming up to 90 minutes since I dialed 0845 600 70 30, previously I tried 0800 800 151 and was recommended to ring 0800169 0199 who suggested I go online...if only I could. This is becoming a marathon, maybe I could get sponsorship...

I have almost given up the will to live."

hehhehe... .sounds like I was pretty upset.... ah well, all this to look forward to again... I have two months to prepare myself for these delights...
Isn't life fun..


Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Campfire evening

[15:18] soror Nishi: hi...from art gallery to beach...:)) so easy
[15:18] soror Nishi: hi
[15:18] Pixi Cosmos: he he
[15:18] Pixi Cosmos: hello sweety
[15:18] soror Nishi: hi, meena
[15:18] soror Nishi: :))
[15:18] Pixi Cosmos: meena and i have been on such a crazy adventure
[15:18] Pixi Cosmos: falling down holes and stuff !
[15:18] Carmina Marchionne: you look very perty Soror:D
[15:19] Pixi Cosmos: always <3
[15:19] soror Nishi: why thx, meena
[15:19] soror Nishi: :))
[15:19] soror Nishi: ]yeh, sounds great
[15:19] Carmina Marchionne: your welcome:)
[15:20] Carmina Marchionne: sun setting
[15:21] Pixi Cosmos: yes the light does look lovely
[15:21] Carmina Marchionne: *continues to munch on veggies
[15:21] soror Nishi: it does
[15:21] Pixi Cosmos: would you like a carrot soror , meena has a few
[15:22] Pixi Cosmos: thats if sparkle hasnt munched them all
[15:22] Carmina Marchionne: *passes pix the bowl to hand to Soro
[15:22] Carmina Marchionne: r

[15:22] soror Nishi: hmmm...thx...(munch)
[15:22] Carmina Marchionne: 8wink
[15:22] Pixi Cosmos: he he
[15:22] Carmina Marchionne: giggles
[15:22] soror Nishi: :)))
[15:23] soror Nishi: any raspberries...they are my fav?
[15:23] Pixi Cosmos: so two of you one of me i think that meens pims o clock
[15:23] Carmina Marchionne: *rumbles thru pack
[15:23] soror Nishi: hehhehehhehe
[15:23] Carmina Marchionne: *pulls out assorted berries and passes to pix.. pass on pleasee:D
[15:23] soror Nishi: OK...pims is good....not prims o clock, then
[15:23] Pixi Cosmos: ohhh yummy
[15:24] soror Nishi: mmmm hmmm
[15:24] Pixi Cosmos: im going to take some home for fae she is quite the strawberry fanatic
[15:24] Carmina Marchionne: mm
[15:24] Pixi Cosmos: they are a little squidged . oh no and i just dropped one in the sand
[15:24] Carmina Marchionne: cuteness..
[15:24] soror Nishi: ahhh...we have grown lots of alpine strawberries this year
[15:24] Carmina Marchionne: hands you a cup of fresh water:D
[15:24] Carmina Marchionne: and a nappie
[15:24] Pixi Cosmos: oh ta :)
[15:25] soror Nishi: :)))
[15:25] Carmina Marchionne: tin cups are light:D
[15:25] Pixi Cosmos: * washes of me berries lol
[15:25] Pixi Cosmos: do they tast of the alps
[15:25] soror Nishi: yes, a bit
[15:25] Carmina Marchionne: mm
[15:25] Pixi Cosmos: crazy
[15:25] soror Nishi: small and strong flavoured
[15:25] Pixi Cosmos: reeeaaaallly fresh then
[15:25] Pixi Cosmos: yum
[15:26] soror Nishi: yes,...and not so attcked by birds and slugs
[15:26] Pixi Cosmos: like ...wild strawberries , they are like a bead of tast explosion
[15:26] soror Nishi: very Fae sized tho
[15:26] Pixi Cosmos: he he
[15:26] Pixi Cosmos: yessums
[15:26] Carmina Marchionne: wishes kitty were here to see the prettiness
[15:26] Pixi Cosmos: meena , you are going to need a jumper soon ...the night is drawing in
[15:27] Carmina Marchionne: i love cranberries in powerded suger:D
[15:27] Pixi Cosmos: ....move closer to the fire ...keep you toasty
[15:27] Carmina Marchionne: mmhmm .. burskies
[15:27] Pixi Cosmos: mmm i dont have cranberries often ...infact at christmas with my turkey
[15:27] Pixi Cosmos: in a jar tho
[15:28] Carmina Marchionne: a friend got them for me from Russia
[15:28] Carmina Marchionne: soooooooo yummy
[15:28] soror Nishi: i dont ether, but i did grow some
[15:28] Carmina Marchionne: have to eat them asap
[15:28] Pixi Cosmos: are they like raspberries to grow ?
[15:28] soror Nishi: no
[15:28] Pixi Cosmos: mmm
[15:28] soror Nishi: small bush
[15:28] soror Nishi: very near the ground
[15:28] Pixi Cosmos: to much info
[15:28] Pixi Cosmos: lolololol
[15:28] Pixi Cosmos: kisses *
[15:29] Pixi Cosmos: oh ok
[15:29] Carmina Marchionne: lol..

[15:29] Pixi Cosmos: more like strawbugs?
[15:29] Carmina Marchionne: haha
[15:29] soror Nishi: bilberries
[15:29] Carmina Marchionne: looks for turtleneck*
[15:30] Pixi Cosmos: i cn do a turtle neck impression
[15:30] Pixi Cosmos: look ....
[15:30] Carmina Marchionne:
[15:30] Pixi Cosmos: he he
[15:30] Carmina Marchionne: lol
[15:31] Pixi Cosmos: although i get a double chin so maybe not the best of looks
[15:31] Pixi Cosmos: please do not sit on horus ...people did anyway
[15:31] Pixi Cosmos: i wonder where he went to
[15:32] soror Nishi: eek...i'm not sitting on him am I??
[15:32] Carmina Marchionne: poor fella
[15:32] Pixi Cosmos: Soror , would you like to share a bifter with me ?
[15:32] Pixi Cosmos: no ...hes long gone
[15:32] Pixi Cosmos: last seen in carrick
[15:32] Carmina Marchionne: ages ago
[15:33] Jedda Zenovka is Online
[15:33] soror Nishi: up, cute thing
[15:33] Pixi Cosmos: kisses cheek *
[15:33] Pixi Cosmos: meena , pixi juice ?
[15:33] soror Nishi grins
[15:33] pixi cosmos juice ! drinkable whispers: Yay PIXI JUICE from The Garden of Tranquility
[15:34] Pixi Cosmos: dirty girl ;P
[15:34] Carmina Marchionne: ohh hehe..
[15:34] Carmina Marchionne: ty sure o.o
[15:34] Pixi Cosmos: he he
[15:34] soror Nishi: hehhehhe
[15:34] Pixi Cosmos: just skining up
[15:34] soror Nishi: coool
[15:35] Carmina Marchionne gave you warm feets.
[15:36] soror Nishi: :))
[15:36] soror Nishi: thx
[15:38] soror Nishi: hmmm...nice meena
[15:38] Carmina Marchionne: mmmmmmmmm eats last celery stick*
[15:38] Pixi Cosmos: pretty thankyou :)
[15:38] Pixi Cosmos: that noise i hear it again
[15:38] Pixi Cosmos: there are baby goblins about
[15:39] Carmina Marchionne: o.o
[15:39] Carmina Marchionne: story time..
[15:39] Carmina Marchionne: tell pix tell
[15:39] Pixi Cosmos: well , the baby goblins sound all cute and cuddly you see......
[15:39] soror Nishi: ahh
[15:39] Pixi Cosmos: but really , they hide behind rocks while they send out sea gulls to spy on visiters
[15:40] soror Nishi: right
[15:40] Carmina Marchionne: yikes being attacked by a goblin!
[15:40] soror Nishi: eeek
[15:40] Pixi Cosmos: noone really knows if they are michivous or just inquisitive
[15:40] soror Nishi: ahhh
[15:40] Pixi Cosmos: but it has been heard reacently that they have been a bit braver
[15:41] Pixi Cosmos: tip toeing up to people with out them know ing
[15:41] soror Nishi: well...sitting closer to the fire will help
[15:41] Pixi Cosmos: peeking round corners and signaling to each other

[15:41] Carmina Marchionne: feels like going for a midnight swim*
[15:41] Pixi Cosmos: ....people say that they hoard jewl sand pecious items
[15:41] Carmina Marchionne: *zips pack
[15:42] soror Nishi: yes, i heard that too
[15:42] Carmina Marchionne: are they very hungry ?
[15:42] Pixi Cosmos: well .... this is a story about that hoard .....
[15:43] Pixi Cosmos: what could they want from these sparkly treasures ....
[15:43] Pixi Cosmos: the fact is they just love them ...originaly they got magpies to steal jewls for the village ....
[15:44] Pixi Cosmos: the magpies wanted to get paid ....they wanted something back
[15:44] Pixi Cosmos: they were far to clever , but seagulls are a lot more stupid
[15:44] Pixi Cosmos: not as much as chickens ...but they wouldnt be any use at all ......
[15:44] soror Nishi: mmm
[15:45] soror Nishi: true
[15:45] Carmina Marchionne: *looks at rock .. o.o shh he can hear you
[15:45] Pixi Cosmos: ii diverge
[15:45] Carmina Marchionne: .-.
[15:45] Pixi Cosmos: wispering is a good plan anyway , we dont know where the plotting goblins are
[15:46] Pixi Cosmos: so the seagulls have very big wings ...especially the albatrosss , sometimes the goblin folk ride them across to other islands
[15:46] soror Nishi: true again, my wise little fruit salad
[15:46] Pixi Cosmos: ... the baby ones stay behind the rocks
[15:47] Pixi Cosmos: cos well ...there not very strong yet
[15:47] Pixi Cosmos: .
[15:47] Pixi Cosmos: the baby goblins dont grow with time ......
[15:47] Pixi Cosmos: they grow with the tides
[15:47] soror Nishi: ahhh
[15:48] Pixi Cosmos: but in order for this to work they need the speciall tides , the ones that brings white horses and peach coluord ripples as the sun sets
[15:49] Pixi Cosmos: so the jems and sparkles that are gatherd by the seagulls and the sneeky goblins
[15:49] Pixi Cosmos: ....are actually moments in grow time of the sun ....captures on the sea
[15:50] soror Nishi: :)))
[15:50] Carmina Marchionne nods..
[15:50] Pixi Cosmos: every year the goblins throw their hoards of jems into the sea restart the cycle
[15:51] Pixi Cosmos: and isure that the sea twinkles , and the baby goblinds can grow big and strong to ride the seagulls
[15:52] Pixi Cosmos: the goblins ...they dont meen to bee cheeky and sly ....
[15:52] Pixi Cosmos: it is what they have to do , or there will be none left , and laughter will nolonger be heard on the beach once a year
[15:53] soror Nishi: ahhh
[15:53] Pixi Cosmos: all i can say is zip your bags and button your pockets .....the goblins are near :)
[15:53] Pixi Cosmos: :)
[15:53] Carmina Marchionne: :)
[15:53] soror Nishi: :))
[15:53] soror Nishi: coool
[15:54] soror Nishi: yes, better be careful
[15:54] Pixi Cosmos: its been a while since ive done a story
[15:54] soror Nishi: it was v cool...:)))
[15:55] Pixi Cosmos: ohh meenas having a dip
[15:55] soror Nishi: you could do illustrations a book
[15:55] soror Nishi: for your blog maybe..
[15:55] Pixi Cosmos: ive written a book beforew , of why the the moon changes shape
[15:55] Pixi Cosmos: :)
[15:55] Carmina Marchionne: looking for gems ...
[15:55] Pixi Cosmos: a chhese fanatic called goodfry who ha da bad memory
[15:56] soror Nishi: hehhehe

[15:56] soror Nishi: excellent
[15:56] soror Nishi: good luck meena
[15:56] Pixi Cosmos: he he
[15:56] soror Nishi: bit cold if you ask me
[15:56] Pixi Cosmos: i was about 13 when i did that
[15:57] soror Nishi: ahhh
[15:57] soror Nishi: so, its a natural sort of a talent then
[15:57] Pixi Cosmos: mm he eh
[15:57] soror Nishi: Fae would like it when shes older she could learn to read it too
[15:57] Carmina Marchionne shouts: its so wonderful out here!
[15:57] Pixi Cosmos: never really thought of doing it again .... i seem to make on the spot stories ....something i can only do in sl (for people)
[15:58] soror Nishi: wow
[15:58] soror Nishi: cool
[15:58] soror Nishi: you off in the water too
[15:58] Pixi Cosmos: can you swim ?
[15:59] soror Nishi: nope....not in SL
[15:59] Pixi Cosmos: my board wont rez
[15:59] Pixi Cosmos: humph
[15:59] soror Nishi: i saw it for a while when you wore it
[16:00] Pixi Cosmos: soror can you tell stories ?
[16:00] Carmina Marchionne: it rezzes a ntoher
[16:00] soror Nishi: but probably you cant rez here
[16:00] Pixi Cosmos: mmm yeah no build
[16:00] Carmina Marchionne: oof
[16:00] Pixi Cosmos: happens all the time
[16:00] Carmina Marchionne: shame.. should make a board that doesn't do that
[16:00] soror Nishi: hmmm...tell stories....not really...well...i could...hmmm....dont really know
[16:00] soror Nishi: :)))
[16:00] Pixi Cosmos: yeah go on .... * passes long over due spliff
[16:01] Carmina Marchionne: :)
[16:01] soror Nishi: hmmm
[16:01] soror Nishi: i could read you an old chinese one
[16:01] Pixi Cosmos: ok
[16:01] Carmina Marchionne: oo ok
[16:02] Carmina Marchionne: hide
[16:02] Pixi Cosmos: where are the goblins /
[16:02] Carmina Marchionne: never mind.. thought i saw one
[16:02] Pixi Cosmos: lol
[16:03] Carmina Marchionne: :) sorry Soror.. please continue
[16:03] Pixi Cosmos: yes im all pixi ears
[16:03] soror Nishi: if you are sitting confortably...I'll begin....
[16:03] Pixi Cosmos: snuggles
[16:03] Carmina Marchionne 's ears twitch
[16:04] soror Nishi: Tanzan and Ekido were once travelling together down a muddy road.
[16:04] soror Nishi: A heavy rain was still falling.
[16:04] Pixi Cosmos: :)
[16:04] soror Nishi: Coming round the bend, they met a lovely girl in a silk kimono and sash, unable to cross at the intersection.
[16:04] soror Nishi: "come on girl" said Tanzan at once. Lifting her in his arms he carried her over the mud.
[16:05] Pixi Cosmos: *
[16:05] soror Nishi: Ekido did not speak again until that night when they reached the lodging temple.
[16:05] soror Nishi: Then he could no longer contain himself.
[16:05] soror Nishi: " We monks don't go near females" he told Tanzin,
[16:05] soror Nishi: "especially not young and lovely ones. It is dangerous. Why did you do that?"
[16:05] Pixi Cosmos: ohh
[16:06] soror Nishi: "I left the girl there," said Tenzin "are you still carrying her?"
[16:06] soror Nishi: :))
[16:06] soror Nishi: the end
[16:06] Carmina Marchionne chuckles
[16:06] Carmina Marchionne: claps*
[16:06] soror Nishi: :))
[16:06] Pixi Cosmos: yay
[16:07] Pixi Cosmos: :)
[16:07] Pixi Cosmos: deep
[16:07] Carmina Marchionne: very
[16:07] soror Nishi: yeh...its an old one
[16:07] soror Nishi: :)))
[16:07] Carmina Marchionne: loosens boot*
[16:07] Pixi Cosmos: meena ?
[16:08] Carmina Marchionne: mmmm
[16:08] soror Nishi: you might have some water inthere
[16:08] Pixi Cosmos: your turn.
[16:08] Carmina Marchionne: oh.. mmm
[16:08] Carmina Marchionne: i was looking up to the sky..
[16:08] Carmina Marchionne: noticing the stars...
[16:08] Carmina Marchionne: it reminded me of a story...

[16:08] Pixi Cosmos: he he
[16:09] Carmina Marchionne: :) I'll tell you the story.. it's a bit long..
[16:09] Carmina Marchionne: so i'll make it simple..
[16:09] Pixi Cosmos: snuggles furthur into pillows
[16:09] Carmina Marchionne: there was once a young girl.. who lived with her mother...
[16:09] soror Nishi listens carefully
[16:09] Carmina Marchionne: she was very poor...
[16:10] Carmina Marchionne: she did everything she could to help her mother... as they were alone in the world
[16:10] soror Nishi blinks
[16:10] Carmina Marchionne: each day she would walk by the sea... and look for oysters to bring home
[16:11] Pixi Cosmos: ;P
[16:11] Pixi Cosmos: slimy
[16:11] Carmina Marchionne: one day she saw a bird perched on a rock....(mom would make them in a special stew the oysters...)
[16:12] Carmina Marchionne: she noticed his big dark wings... and saw some of his feathers blow off in the wind...
[16:12] Pixi Cosmos: o.o
[16:12] Carmina Marchionne: she wasn't sure if he was well.. so she came closer .. and saw the stars in his eyes...
[16:12] soror Nishi: :~
[16:13] Carmina Marchionne: he ruffled his feathers... and looked down with his deep glare...
[16:13] Pixi Cosmos: oooh
[16:13] soror Nishi: gulp
[16:14] Carmina Marchionne: she said.. cautiously ... as she held up her jar of collected oysters.. "would you like to have some... ? are you well...
[16:14] Carmina Marchionne: then he immediately flew straight up into the sky... and disappeared into the dark blue of the night..
[16:14] Pixi Cosmos: ahh thats very sweet of her
[16:14] Pixi Cosmos: ohh
[16:15] soror Nishi: yes....a good girl
[16:15] Carmina Marchionne: she looked all around and couldn't find him..
[16:15] Carmina Marchionne: as she walked home... she wondered if she had insulted him..
[16:15] Carmina Marchionne: as she lay in bed.. her mother made the stew... so she decided the next day.. she would bring him some
[16:16] Carmina Marchionne: the next evening.. as she walked along the beach.. she came to the rock where he'd been the day before...
[16:16] Pixi Cosmos: was he there ....?
[16:16] Carmina Marchionne: she held a bowl in her hand of the stew her mother made... she called out ... are you here???
[16:17] Carmina Marchionne: I've brought you some stew...
[16:17] Carmina Marchionne: just then she looked up and saw the bird in the shadow of the tree leaves
[16:17] Carmina Marchionne: at the base of the tree were several black feathers..
[16:17] Pixi Cosmos: ominous....
[16:17] soror Nishi: yes
[16:18] Carmina Marchionne: when she saw the feathers... she asked... are you not well?
[16:18] Carmina Marchionne: suddenly he falls from the tree... in a big fluff of feathers.. thump!
[16:18] Asmita Duranjaya is Offline
[16:18] soror Nishi: eeek
[16:18] Pixi Cosmos: oh dear :(
[16:18] Carmina Marchionne: she quickly runs to his side....
[16:18] Carmina Marchionne: a mass of darknesss... she sees his eyes are half closed...
[16:19] soror Nishi nods
[16:19] Carmina Marchionne: she quickly feeds him some stew... and carefully watching her fingers pours it down his throat
[16:19] Pixi Cosmos: ;s
[16:19] Pixi Cosmos: ;8
[16:20] Carmina Marchionne: with a long deep gulp.. he closes his eyes .. and a strong wind blows from the east...
[16:20] Carmina Marchionne: sending a chill down her spine
[16:20] Pixi Cosmos: gudders 8
[16:20] Carmina Marchionne: the wind grows and grows... until shes surrounded by a cloud of black feathers...
[16:20] soror Nishi: gulp
[16:20] Pixi Cosmos: oh
[16:20] Carmina Marchionne: all around her swirlling... until she can no longer see the moonlight on the water...
[16:21] Pixi Cosmos: eeps
[16:21] Carmina Marchionne: she holds him tight and says .... oh please wake up..
[16:21] Carmina Marchionne: suddenly the wind settles... and in her arms is a young man...
[16:21] soror Nishi: ooo
[16:21] Pixi Cosmos: wooooo
[16:21] Carmina Marchionne: he isn't awake...
[16:22] Carmina Marchionne: she is surprised and gently brushes away the feathers on his chest
[16:22] soror Nishi: (hope she behaves)
[16:22] Carmina Marchionne: is this who you really are? (chuckles)
[16:22] Pixi Cosmos: giggles
[16:22] Carmina Marchionne: his eyes open and she sees his deep black eyes... IT IS YOU she proclaims with joy
[16:22] Pixi Cosmos: ohh
[16:23] soror Nishi: yay
[16:23] Pixi Cosmos: wicked
[16:23] Carmina Marchionne: there in his eyes.. the stars reflected...
[16:23] soror Nishi: aaaa
[16:23] Carmina Marchionne: and her face ... infront of the moon
[16:23] Pixi Cosmos: itll be them oysters ...
[16:23] soror Nishi: hehhehhee
[16:23] Carmina Marchionne: he whispers weakly....
[16:24] Carmina Marchionne: thank you for saving me....
[16:24] soror Nishi: aaww
[16:24] Pixi Cosmos: what made him poorly/
[16:24] Carmina Marchionne: she thankshelps him to his feet... and he explains how one night as he was fishing...
[16:25] Pixi Cosmos: mmmm
[16:25] Carmina Marchionne: a witch sat by the water disquised as a crow...
[16:25] Pixi Cosmos: oh dear
[16:25] Carmina Marchionne: he threw the witch a fish out of kindness and she repayed him with a curse
[16:26] Carmina Marchionne: she turned him into a crow and said he must wait for someone to feed him some stew...
[16:26] Pixi Cosmos: no way ......
[16:27] soror Nishi: good she knew how to cook then
[16:27] Carmina Marchionne: ... he went home with her and met her mother... and stayed with her for the rest of his days... and had little children with stars in their eyes.....:)
[16:27] soror Nishi: ahhh
[16:27] Carmina Marchionne: :) the end:)
[16:27] Pixi Cosmos: what are the chances ... blimy must be love and destiny
[16:27] soror Nishi: :))
[16:27] soror Nishi: excellent
[16:27] Pixi Cosmos: loll
[16:27] Carmina Marchionne: one moment.. :* ty!
[16:28] Pixi Cosmos: brilliant meena :)
[16:28] soror Nishi: very goood
[16:28] soror Nishi: :)))
[16:29] Pixi Cosmos gave you pixi cosmos crystal twinkles.
[16:29] Pixi Cosmos: sun sea sparkles
[16:29] soror Nishi: ooo
[16:29] soror Nishi: thx, pixi
[16:30] Pixi Cosmos: watch out for goblins , the both of you , you dont want to be a target now
[16:31] soror Nishi: true
[16:31] soror Nishi: hmmm...i better go off to bed now, meena
[16:31] Jedda Zenovka is Offline
[16:31] Pixi Cosmos: yay images of children with starry eyes ...and slowely falling black feathers nice imagry
[16:31] Pixi Cosmos: see you soon my sweetling
[16:31] Pixi Cosmos: lovely to have the pleasure of your company xx
[16:32] soror Nishi: yes....i think meena is busy
[16:32] soror Nishi: tell her byee from me
[16:32] Pixi Cosmos: well um ...i can say bye ...yessums :D
[16:32] Pixi Cosmos: ok
[16:32] Pixi Cosmos: xxxx
[16:32] Pixi Cosmos: take caere


Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Well, dear reader, in the quest to bring you all the latest in Metaverse news I have subjected myself to the ugliness that is Noob dom.

This is me in my full ugliness within minutes of arriving in Inworldz.

I had to do things with a strange, but fairly simple (it would have to be, for me to manage it) procedure got me in and, amazingly enough, it all worked fine.

Now, within a fairly short period of time, inbetween lots of chatting, I got my self looking somewhat like me. Phew... just need to fix the hair and I'll be OK.

Now, you may be asking yourself...why??

Well, Scotsgraymouser Janus is a lady I admire a lot as a builder and friend and she has moved here, selling up her worldly goods in SL to move.
She, and you, can then get 35000 prims to play with on your own island for the low fee of 75US$ per month with no set-up fees and free uploads.
Whats not to like?

I went over because there are no tree builders there yet, and I wanted to see how stable it was. Well, having been severely disappointed with OpenLife, where bits of the terrain kept disappearing, frequently, I was fearing the worst. However, it was very stable and within the hour I had done stuff with my looks, uploaded tons of tex and built my mushrooms...not bad hey...seems very stable.
Also, because its still small, I got immediate help with technical support from the boss and was amazed that I was suddenly a valued customer (potential).

The 50L$ I was given is the first free money I have been given for ages..

Maybe worth checking I could do with 35000 prims...jeeez,...


Monday, 27 July 2009

Nessuno Myoo

Some of you may remember the Mechanical Knight, a piece by Nessuno which was shown recently, at Angelgate, I believe, (might have got my galleries mixed up there), but anyway..I had seen it before but I was very happy to see some other accomplished work by this artist at The White Gallery yesterday.

Now, as you will know, dear reader, I have been rather vocal in my criticism of some of the stuff that is "new" and "narrative" so its very nice to see traditional, classic sculpture, which is NPIRL in execution and contemporary without revolving textures and bells and whistles.

I liked the Sea monster a lot, and the Angel in Search of Color reminded me of a sketch I had done a few years ago (but which never got painted). At first I thought the Angel would have been shown better against a darker background but changed my opinion later. If the Boys at LL had fixed the ancient transparency could have been used on this piece to advantage...
...anyway...worth popping along to...

Then I popped over to Harajukubox, a fav. shopping haunt of mine to check out the Skin Fair which is there til the 28th I believe.

Now I like a good skin, but nothing parted me with my hard earned cash...although the Shiva skin by Gauze (aka Yukio Ida, I think) came close, pictured above, of course...
...could be a pretty cool addition to a couples wardrobe if they were into co-ordinated SLex...:))) (why not?)
There were a few "smudged make-up" skins which seem to be trendy at the moment...fair enuf...

I then popped in to Blue Blood as I had met Ghanima Uriza last week and bumped into her again at the skin fair.... its a big store with totally Goth clothes...check out Ghanima's profile for the LM..(in Classified)...
I don't know why Goffs have to wear so much black, seems a bit of a shame to me. I suppose in fluro pink it wouldn't be Goff enuff??

Someone said, last month, that I was an Iconoclast (An iconoclast is someone who performs iconoclasm — destruction of religious symbols, or, by extension, established dogma or conventions) to which my reply was " oh? isn't everyone then??"


Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Star Orchid first creation with my new chip replacement.... only have to sell 431 of these to pay for my operation...



well.... I am moonlighting on Koinup.

I have been asked to do a weekly review sort of thing on their blog its called OMNIBUS is what I have done..:))

also...I finished my Star Orchid and will upload a photo after a coffee.....which I am absolutely dying for...


Saturday, 25 July 2009


Well, its really good to be back.

Just started a couple of new things, a tree which will probably end up on the compost heap, and a flower which has a long way to go still...

It was great to see people I had missed in the brief 8 days, it's surprising how used you get to seeing some people every few days online.
Botgirl, a really regular read for me, posted "from wow to whatever" and as usual she has hit the nail on the head.
It's a normal part of my life to meet these great people online now and not anything WOW!!, just a part of my everyday. I like that.

Isabella Alphaville and I were talking about how strange it is that your RL friends won't even try SL and how she thought it shows a certain closed mind attitude when life is so short anyway. Not that there aren't closed minds in SL......of course there are too......but some of my best friends are real gems and some of the art in here is just mind blowing...:)) Hurrah for SL!!!

I have a little Widget now (this is Mac owner stuff) called iStat, and it shows me how hot my poor lappy is getting, so hopefully i will be able to keep my eye on it. For those of you with Macs ...its available here for go get it..

Hope to be able to get around and do some stuff tomorrow and get back on the blogging front with some stuff for you, poor neglected reader...xxxxxxxxx


Friday, 24 July 2009

Soror gets a life

I thought some of my more urban-based readers might like to see the Mac hospital where baby Mac got his new transplant, its a converted shed out in the cabbage fields bordering the fens of southern Kent.

While the operation was going on, nearly 8 days offline, I decided to take my own advice and get a life.

So... I watched TV, after all thats what normal people do, and saw some of the following programmes...

1. People Too Stupid To Manage Their Children..
2. People Too Stupid To Manage Their Diets...
3. People too Stupid To Know They Have No Talent..
4. Etc..

soon found out that the only thing of interest on TV (as the US open hasn't started yet) is Big Brother which is one of the most hysterically funny things on the box. Take a load of wannabees and torture them in public....great!! and, as it's unscripted, the characters aren't 2D beings, (stereotypes) but quite complex and interesting... excellent.

I read all 5 books of the Hitchhikers Guide trilogy again....that was cool...

Went to the Library and tried to run SL on the computer there.. well.. the computer said..."pleeeaaase, you have got to be joking" and went into shock...oh OK .. it seems to have the computing power of a digital watch...

Started on my second RL tree.. looks like a good one...:))

Counted my ears...

Decided SL was worth the 700US$ needed for the operation and waited patiently...

Picked some tomatoes...

Counted my ears again....

Then....early this morning I went out to the hospital thro the monsoons to pick up my baby....YAY!!!

The scars on my credit card may well take a while to's decidedly worth it.


WB !!!

WB to me.


Tuesday, 21 July 2009


yes, my virtual insides have been fried..... (baby Macs have been, I mean...)

....well, just about to order new graphics card, logic board at the horrible cost of 700US$ (incl. labour) hope to see you , dear reader, next week sometime...




Friday, 17 July 2009

Worst Nightmare

Now, it seems that your worst nightmares do come true...if that sounds a bit pessimistic then, as Scott Adams says... "an optimist is someone with no job [life] experience.

Now, worst nightmares you survive, surprisingly, with a few scars, psychological mainly, but feeling stronger, eventually.

MY COMPUTER IS and is now in a coma. I am sitting in the public (very public) library on a PC..(yukk) and poor little baby Mac is in hospital.

Probably hear some diagnosis next week so I will not be flashing my blue rinse anywhere for a week or so.

I'm feeling like a little kitten in the Washing Machine of Life having just gone full cycle in the Programme of Fate... .... my credit card will, no doubt, be carrying the majority of the virtual scars..

Well....I'll see you dear reader next week.. or the one after....


Monday, 13 July 2009

Soror Nishi gets real

EXPORT..... my first export...:)))

Well, this is my first solid tree and I like the idea of it incarnating into matter. Those of you who read regularly will know that Matter is a particular obsession of mine and it has been very satisfying to work with RL prims.

The thing with RL prims and colours is the degree of accuracy that you can achieve... there are quite a few compromises you have to accept with Virtual building, the most obvious being that my fingers are finer tools than Blender.

so....the Lindens can do what they like with the grid..:))) this one is in my RL inventory now.

Anyway...I will be sending out enquiries to find out if anyone wants a RL tree... they are very expensive to cast in bronze with glass canopy and flowers altho that would be an absolutely amazing piece, about 2000 to 3000 US$ (real money!!) but if there is enough demand I could get them cast in resin (about 500US$). We will see.

This one is about 22 cm tall (9 inches) but it would be great fun to do a few 3 meters tall...:)) a soror Nishi forest in RL... so if you know anyone who wants a commission...:))


Sunday, 12 July 2009

White Lebed at Erato

Now the post-natal depression that sets in after you have just done an important piece of work (important for you if not for anyone else) is a well known factor amongst those of us that create.

Its like a spiritual exhaustion and it sits like a wet-rat-shaped cloud over you.

So, when you see something that lifts you, a piece of work that isn't dependant on long explanations (I still refuse to believe that narrative is a positive addition to the visual arts (except film and comics)) or facile, glib cliches, but helps you experience, visually, a sort of resolution...well.... it just makes you smile..

White's piece at Erato of Caerleon was real balm for my soul and is surely one of those great pieces that are wise, therapeutic, and visually entertaining at the same time.
It engages and makes you play, leaving you smiling and thinking, and is going down in my book as one of the best things I have seen this year.


Friday, 10 July 2009

Soleil at Angelgate.

White Lebed has again produced an amazing show of several artists, well known and less known, in what is probably the most avatar friendly gallery I know.

The above photo is a piece by Adam Ramona which I liked a lot, reminding me of something Selavy might have done .

I also enjoyed Glyphs piece, a large thingy on the roof, Oberon Onmura, Miso Susanowa, Ub Yifu and, of course, Alizarin Goldflake all had pieces which were worth seeing.

Considering how annoyed SL art has made me recently, it was very refreshing to see so many good works in one place. Even the pieces by Sapphoria Shilov, Nessuno Myoo and Morgana Nagorski, altho not remarkable, showed promise (sorry if that sounds a bit condescending, but there you are...) and worth trying to follow their future work.

Many of the pieces were right on track for the theme, some, like mine, were stretching it a bit but that will always be the case with a themed show, and didn't worry me one iota.

Well done White, impressive again.

Got new hair, always worth a mention...specially this much. Worked out very cheap in a volume/L$ sort of a way.


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Let the Sun Shine

So...put this in your diaries...... july 11th at 10 am..... Angelgate.



so.... worth a visit.... I shall have more to say on the subject, no doubt..:))


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Truthseeker at MiMi's

Truthseeker Young at MiMi's....I've seen other good stuff here before and have blogged it...well done to MiMi and, of course, Truthseeker...

Now, this is exactly what I meant by the comment " your computer screen is stained glass"

Why on earth would someone choose grey and brown as the dominent colours in their build when they could do something like this???

beats me....


Koinup photo comp.

Yes, there's a Koinup photo'll have to do better than this, which isn't too hard...I am not a good photographer, but I thought I might as well upload em anyway.

Nice thing about Koinup, as opposed to Facebook, is that they welcome avatars and don't get all "real" like Facebook.

then Wizzy popped over ...its ages since I saw her. she has had great success with her E8 thingy is for sale in RL, so she's beaten me to market by months. I am, dear reader, also trying to bring my trees to RL, but it's a slow process....:))

So... this is her in front of the Wizardfruit Tree, named after her.

Not much in the way of other news, been RL sculpting and sheltering from the rain.

Oh yes.... Angelgate...the new show Soleil opens soon and I have a piece in it....not sure when it is....will get back to you on that.


Saturday, 4 July 2009

Selavy Oh and the mountains

Montains at Magoo..... go see... art can move mountains...:))

...and while you are there....this has to be my favourite toy in SL... I don't know what is so therapeutic about destruction, I guess its similar to creation. Anyway.....2889 prims waiting for you to demolish.... apparently, Wizzy, Alpha and Mab have destroyed all 2889 you're up for a challenge and got a couple of hours to spare.... some new make-up... decided that any skin I sell is gonna come with tons of different make-ups.... it should be compulsory..

Aliz has a new show opening tonight too...

Its a really lovely piece and well worth a visit..

Happy Independence Day