Sunday, 31 July 2011

Party at Creative Power build.


It was a great night, with good music from Megan Cline that got everyone up and dancing... lively chat and good humour.

Megan the mega DJ.

Sorry if I missed anyone...(I am sure I took a photo of Bradd...but it has since disappeared...spooky)..... we all missed Jeri Rahja who's computer had burst into flames and so was unable to come.

I hope people will return and have a better look... camming around isn't quite the same experience as there is a bit of a soundscape that alters as you move around the build.

...anyway...all in all a good time..



  1. It was a wonderful party on a wonderful sim!! Thanks a lot i had a great time! Fab DJ! Huggss!

  2. I'm very sorry to have missed it (owing to organic life), but I will certainly visit the installation soon!

  3. cool, Lalo, glad you are busy tho .... unless it's crap of course..:))