Monday, 11 July 2011

A day messing with Gimp and textures

I spent a lot of yesterday playing around with uploading stuff for Gimp.

The tex below was created using some new brushes I uploaded..

I went to DeviantART and joined up, I searched "GIMP Brushes" then downloaded brushes that I liked... this was mostly done with a couple of brushes by MyLastBlkRose, but I used a few...

...then... on to Guicon where I downloaded the Plasti-Wrap Plug If you need tutorials on how to do that, they are on YouTube..... in fact there are loads of tutorials on using Gimp if you need a bit of further education. There's always new stuff to learn....(same applies to Photoshop)...

Then I spent a little while messing with PlastiWrap and Emboss... I never use bump map in SL (or Iwz) anymore, it is just too crude, I do my "bump mapping" with emboss before I upload, I get a much better effect because I use a larger tex and then reduce to 1024. I seldom use smaller than 1024 anymore, but I often restrict the number of colours to 16 or 12 (posterise) and thereby make it just as fast to upload as a 512 with loads of colours.

Time to do another texture lecture I guess.



  1. Thanks for the great Gimp pointers. It's a never ending always fascinating learning curve. PlastiWrap looks cool and the tip on reducing colors rather than resolution is a good one.

  2. I like Gimp. I still have a lot to learn. I'm trying to learn how to create brushes. :-)

  3. glad you enjoyed.

    @Lennoire, I'm pretty sure there would be a tutorial on YouTube for creating brushes in Gimp.

  4. Have you seen this one yet? It's my favorite GIMP script and I would marry it if I could: Warp Text

  5. wooo...thanks Abel ... got it!

  6. hmm...seems warp text may be PC only... unless I messed up...