Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Art of SaveMe Oh.

It seems about time for me to reacquaint those of you who either haven't heard of SaveMe and those who have, but only by default.

I did a long interview with SaveMe a while back.... here.....(December 2009) ...and I think it would be good now that hysteria and witch hunting have caused some to lose all rational thought to re appraise the role I am convinced that SaveMe plays in our art community in SL and in InWorldz.

Performance Art, according to wikipedia (here) is a concept which is open to debate..."Performance art is an essentially contested concept: any single definition of it implies the recognition of rival uses. As concepts like "democracy" or "art", it implies productive disagreement with itself.". That means that at its heart there is disagreement and debate as to what Performance Art actually is. This also applies to Art in general.

"From about the mid-1960s into the 1970s, often derived from concepts of visual art, with respect to Antonin Artaud, Dada, the Situationists, Fluxus, Installation art, and Conceptual Art, performance art tended to be defined as an antithesis to theatre, challenging orthodox artforms and cultural norms." [all highlighting is mine]

Now, one particular type of performance art was valued by the Dadaist and Neo-Dadaists and it was called Art Intervention...
Wikipedia has this to say.."However, unendorsed (i.e. illicit) interventions are common and lead to debate as to the distinction between art and vandalism.[1] By definition it is a challenge, or at the very least a comment, related to the earlier work or the theme of that work, or to the expectations of a particular audience, and more likely to fulfil that function to its full potential when it is unilateral, although in these instances, it is almost certain that it will be viewed by authorities as unwelcome, if not vandalism, and not art."

The little boy who told the Emperor that he was clothed only in his Ego would have been a sort of aesthetic whistle blower, and he is held up as a sensible sort of a chap. this era where people who pickle sharks and other farmyard animals, or use their unmade beds when they have run out of ideas for a show are now famous, renowned and celebrated. It would appear to me that Art Intervention is needed now more than ever. We are blessed with our own fearless SaveMe and she should be appreciated for her courage.

"...but she interrupted my Opening"... well, ban difficult can it be? Your mute button is your friend if you get bored with someones drivel...

There is nothing mean spirited about SaveMe> I have spoken to her at length and find her warm and caring but allergic to BS and pretension. The Serious Artist is gonna tend to attract SaveMe like a moth to a flame, and if you haven't got a sort of tongue-in-cheek attitude to your own art...well...SaveMe will have.

There are numerous famous cases of Art Intervention, Duchamps urinal being the focal point for a few. The submission of a urinal as an art piece was in itself a critical statement of an august art body. Pissing in it (Brian Eno) seems as logical as the two guys who jumped into Tracy's bed....

I am amazed that not everyone is an Iconoclast. I cannot imagine how you can strive to be an artist and not be iconoclastic. As I wrote before (and it was of course misunderstood by some) there are no rules for artists, or there shouldn't be. If we can't turn everything upside down and piss on it then we are too hampered by tradition and custom to really break free from the cultural norms we were born into.... poor us.

Now... to this current witch hunt... I spoke to Igor a couple of months ago and he said ...It is difficult to know why I log on every day I think some days I am just wasting my time.... (or words very similar to that)... and...this is a feeling which we all have at times, and the reason why we need to have a break from one time to another. This state of mind has nothing to do with SaveMe ..... Igor is not frightened by SaveMe, Igor can give as good as he gets.

I have had several occasions, recently, to note the higher proportion of drama queens in SL than in InWorldz. This seems, subjectively, to be the case. Maybe being Ruthed is a positive experience in that we are brought down from our High Horse and made to realise that in Life we are all beginners.

SaveMe is cool, and amusing, and if you can't see that, well, that still doesn't give anyone the right to call for her expulsion from SL ...

....calling her a terrorist is like being buddies with George Bush. Shame on you.



  1. SaveMe is close to my heart.. in spite of me having a shout-out with her yesterday after one of my unfortunate comments :))

  2. I don't know anymore who to marry first!

  3. Can SaveMe be expelled from sl? As president she would have to be impeached first.

  4. SaveMe is one of the few persons in SL that is really alive

  5. Espell SaveMe ? Not while Im in SL they wont . nuh uh .. no way .. Thanks Soror for this blog ... the rest ? They might look up "Real Life" and "cave" Meh
    Support SaveMe by buying the clothes collection .. no I didnt make it nor do I know if SaveMe gets a cut . who cares LOL .. fun tutu dresses .. Im going back for more ;)

    *Big Hugs for SaveMe and Soror*

  6. the fire that was to burn saveme at the stake has sort of sputtered out i think. i think the peeps behind this move have now realized the error of their ways.

  7. Save is save anyway!! That stupid ''parade'' against her is the evidence that people are totally confused on the matter of ''the game'' and ''the life''. Btw I like Save very much and I totally agree with Kikas ''SaveMe is one of the few persons in SL that is really alive ''!!

  8. First, nice drive-bys at Hirst and Emin eh heh ^_^

    My debates with SaveMe take two forms: one is about her use of derogatory, vulgar and mean-mouthed speeches and why I find them distasteful and subtracting of her message (which is my right). The other dialogues I have with her are based on my own long involvement with performance art, interventionist art (with Cacaphony Society in LA and SF)and street theatre and are artistically-valid and thoughtful.

    My personal brushes with Igor, however, are not of the same quality :D

  9. oh... thank you Sorer for such a rich and intelligent blog on this subject. I have been watching the entire dramedy unfold from a little distance away.
    DO NOT forget!
    the SaveMe collection of tutus is now on sale at ZolaZsun for the low low price of L$199 each. So get your Banned tutu, or adorable pinkpenis tutu, or honor the Queen of the Fish by donning the popular fish tutu on your next night out.
    while SaveMe is on vacation I will be working on some new additions to this tutu line.
    So, don't delay.
    run on over to ZolaZsun to the SaveMe corner and declare yourself BANNED!

  10. p.s. of couse SaveMe gets a commission on the is an endorsement deal on clothes inspired by her performances :)
    of course we are also raising money for the Bannisty International Organization, as SaveMe mentioned in her blog!

  11. Marry me first , after all, I'm the First Lady of Two Fish . Rose

  12. Soror! Damn, I totally missed this blogpost when I wrote my own version. I should have referenced it... but clearly we are on the same page. Sorry!

  13. hehhehe....I'd marry you both..:))

    Rowan....that's a great post...:))

  14. I also missed this blogpost until today. I totally agree with soror.
    But it makes me really depressed that this has to be said time after time in a discussion about art and that there still are grown ups that do not understand this.

  15. @ Kandinsky, yes, SaveMe's piece "my art is better than your art" is a real classic and, like too many things, is not understood by the people who need most to understand. The art world is full of people who really do not understand a lot of things about art,..... such is life.......

  16. I am fighting strongly against feelings that want to make me love you all.

  17. hehhehee... sounds like a party.

  18. I have really enjoyed your interesting post :) Great Job !!!