Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Dark Moon.

Nepherses Amat is a true Virtual World biologist in that she understands about virtual flora, or Flora Virtua Exotica as I have called it on many occasions...

Just as the importation of RL houses and cars can be seen as a rather pathetic attempt to surround new pioneers in a foreign world with items from the Old Country, like comfort blankets..... so too are the attempts to grow species native to RL in this environment.

Nepherses has sought out those native plants that will thrive and created an ecosystem which is in harmony, and now a greenhouse too..... as Nyx Breen has in InWorldz. Neph has catalogued the workings of the ecosystem here.... as I have posted before.

Indigenous is a great word.

...anyway.... This from Dark Moon....

"Greetings and Salutations Dark Moon Spirits & Visitors~

I am happy to report that my research team has complied an exhibition of some of the endemic plant life of Dark Moon's Bog. Please note that these plants have volunteered to teach us, and to stay here in the atrium for short periods of time so that Dark Moon guests can understand how important each plant's role is in the ecosystem. Please click on each plant, and the seed pod to learn more.

My research team is still investigating other life forms here at Dark Moon. Hopefully, we will know more soon!

Also note, we have recently found that the vibrational level of the loving plants actually increase psychic ability in avatars! Prolly humans too! So now we are proud to introduce Teresa John, a tarot reader of some renown. Teresa will be reading cards up on the mezzanine of this atrium periodically while the exhibition stands. Please contact her if you would like a reading"

and...about those readings....

"teresa John is one of the best Tarot Card readers in SL. Not only is she guided by The Goddess and God but she is Honest when she interprets the Tarot. Anyone can tell you what you want to hear. She will tell you what you need to hear.

If you would like a little light shed on your future and are interested in a reading the rates are as follows :

3 Card - 100L
Horsehoe- 250L
Cross - 500L

Send teresa John an IM or NC for an appointment and be ready for the truth to be revealed."

Well, photos of the atrium above...and the LM is

...and it's always a pleasurable place to visit and learn of how our world looked before the Lindens cleared the land of it's natural vegetation and overgrazed the land with goats .... leading to the sorry state of the soil today, poor sand and weak grass being all that will grow until nurtured.

A recommended visit.



  1. Isn't Dark Moon a wonderful place? So nice 2 C Neph is often there 2 greet you as well

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  3. Dark Moon is a fantastic place of beautiful work and even better immersive story... Neph is really a great person!

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  4. Totally amazing! Wonderful pics

  5. Sis, gotta talk about something here that's jangled my guilt-buttons every time you've mentioned it: "Just as the importation of RL houses... can be seen as a rather pathetic attempt to surround new pioneers in a foreign world with items from the Old Country, like comfort blankets..."

    Why jangled? Because I keep gravitating towards "home ownership" in SL. Not houses with kitchens and bathrooms and such, but a place, a shelter that fills some drive towards comfort, which is a fascinating concept all on its own. Humans assume layer upon layer of sheltering mechanisms: hair (aka wigs), clothes, a carefully dodgy profile... whatever. The house is another layer building a person's "comfort zone."

    What we are really picking at here is the notion of "home." Do we agree on our species pre-conditioned emotional need for that? If so, all we are kibitzing about (good Irish word") is its architecture :) No?

  6. Going to have to visit this. With so many cool sims vanishing,it would be worthwhile to rekindle a little wonder in SL.

    As for "home"? In a virtual world, it's wherever I'm standing and can rezz a prim.

  7. i agree with all above about "home". I dont use a house myself and i feel at home around my friends. I copy RL a lot when i build houses but thats because i lack of fantasy, time and skill. Its easier, thats why, and I build to relax. <3

  8. Mera, Iggy-- Yes, I think that you sorta hit the nail on the head. In RL, the notion of "comfort" never got directly associated with architecture, not until quite late in the game, but I think that, intrinsically, virtual realms make us focus on what it means to be comfortable, and when we find comfort, we do find "home."

    Thanks. Now I think I'll find a soft cushion, a big tree and chuck the rest :)

  9. I thank you, soror, for you understanding of the work my research team and I have done. And of course, although WE were comfortable attempting to study the flora in the way we are used too, the plants themselves at Dark Moon influenced us, expanded our consciousness, and then even volunteered to tolerate our ways! So yes, tho the Green House is a relic of "our world," the compassionate plants seem to want to teach the love they have, and indeed find it amusing! This is why there is a tarot table there and dances! Enjoy ; 0