Friday, 29 July 2011

New Sim Show InWorldz.... and party

For those of you who don't know and for those of you with poor memory (like me) ..this is just a gentle reminder about a new build I have finished in InWorldz.

There will be an opening tomorrow (Saturday 31st) at 12 noon (pm I am told) with Megan Cline DJing some very good dancie numbers for a couple of hours if you want to come over and cut a rug.

The sim is called Twisted Isle and can be searched on the map, or just IM me.... for those of you who haven't been to Inworldz before, you will, of course, have to register an account (totally free) ...don't you just love a form that asks you not to use your real name!.... and you may want to arrive a little early to deRuth will be helped by a (team of) mentor/s.

I'll be there for quite a few hours and any inhabitants of the southern hemisphere will, of course, be welcome for a preview/postviewing at a time to suit. The sim will be there for a while.

There is a shop there which sells all the stuff I created specially for the sim and it's for sale only at this one location. The funds generated there will go towards the tier of this and sister sims which will, eventually, make up an art collective sponsored by Jeri Rahja.

If you are expecting to see my more typical trees and flowers you will be surprised as this build is a bit different to my previous sims... I have called the sim Creative Power and posted some ideas earlier about it.

I hope you enjoy it...

Be there or be elsewhere.