Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I hate this more than Google+

8 months I think since the Boys strangled Avatars United like a mangy ca,t they are now about to plaster us over any mobile phone/device you care to use in a poorly designed and ill thought out Social Media Attempt.

It's this page that has people jumping up and down especially.... it means that all your friends can see what any one of your other friends posts on your stream...

Now...some people have friends that don't get on...so this is VERY PUBLIC. .... and not everyone wants that.

The JIRA is here. .... not that anyone pays any attention to a JIRA, that we found out ages ago... you might as well talk to your hamster for all the good it will do...

On the Notifications page ALL the boxes are checked by default... meaning....every time one of your friends posts anything you will be notified inworld and by email.... yukk... make sure you get that changed.

...and... almost the worst thing....instead of LIKE which FB has...we have the ability to LOVE..... please...I mean... love? really? Excuse me while I barf.... Cringe factor 9 at least.... (let's reduce the english language to a shadow of it's real potential so I can LOVE someones comments....omg.... only an american company would even suggest anything like that.)

"oh D a r l i n g I LOOOOOVE your comment on my profile"... really? honestly? GET a LIFE!

So....the reason I hate this more than Google is because I don't see how I can leave.....I will investigate further, and, be assured ...if I can, I will.


PS. .. boring 80's graphics too...they really need a designer who isn't 30 years out of date.



  1. holy cow, that is really invasive and seems poorly thought out

    forcing people into social media does not create a good social media platform. i like twitter because it is incredibly easy and i make all the decisions as to who i follow

    nice mention of Avatars United, i still feel badly for the mmorpg's that were using it that basically got forced out =(

  2. hehe nice review!

    I wants a button that says *squishuggie!* so I can *squishuggie!* you!

    But really, the designer should have made it a "I <3 U!" button to be au courant. Lamerz. -1

  3. I vaguely remember something about the old SL profiles way back when I joined having some kind of vote or fame function. So there were all these old avatars running around with lots of votes. For what purpose, I have no idea... it was disabled shortly after I joined.

    I'm kinda ambivalent about the new change to profiles. On one hand I think, meh, so what, other people can see, search and comment on profiles. You can set it so that your choice of everyone (does this mean anyone on the net? not sure), second life, friends, and now... nobody can make posts. It would be better obviously if profile owners had the ability to remove garbage, harassing or stalkeresque posts. I don't know maybe it's in the works? Should have started that way IMHO.

    On the other hand I think, wow cool, so this might be a way to expand and get to know people with similar interests. *shrugs*

    But the whole Love button thing? What gives with that? Is it somehow supposed to increase profile results in search, and if so, why? So if a bunch of people Like... I mean "Love" a person's Pick, or is it just for stuff people say in profiles? I just don't get the purpose yet.

  4. "some people have friends that don't get on...so this is VERY PUBLIC"

    There will be some juicy drama here i suspect *licks lips* :P

  5. @ Miso...yep, squishuggie I could deal with, love is so 60's....man.

    @Boudica, well...problem comes when you have friends that hate each other, for example... or if you are arranging a surprise rezzday party...etc....

    @ Mera Yes, exactly. The only solution would be to cull all your friends. If you do business in SL not all the people on your lists are friends, or friendly either. There is no possibility of dividing them into groupings really.

  6. This is just sad.. but wth..Rod said he was a conservative guy!

  7. The Lindens have Profiles, right?
    In the spirit of Jonathan Swift, I suggest that we (all) use each of these lovely features to the hilt -- on their profiles. And they should be grateful for this free Quality Assurance field test input.