Saturday, 30 July 2011

InWorldz new joint venture.

By now many of you may have heard of the new joint venture that Inworldz has entered inot with a company providing server services....

A bit of further clarification...


"In June the InWorldz founders flew out to San Diego to meet with our host is the company that handles our servers and internet connectivity (there servers here: ..your home)

We were invited to meet the entire Cari.Net staff and management personnel. Our reason for going to San Diego was to firm up plans to form a joint venture. We've always had a really great working relationship with the people there. You can not ask for a better internet host. They've always understood our needs and been able to meet and exceed our demands.

This joint venture takes that a step forward. It means that CariNet, INC and InWorldz, LLC will be working together to further the success of the InWorldz platform. It means that CariNet, INC and InWorldz, LLC as a TEAM have a direct interest in doing whatever they can to make the virtual world platform work.

CariNet, INC has access to hardware and platform services that without this JV, InWorldz would not have access to. These services will allow us to scale out the grid to growth demands as well as use the best in class hardware available to make sure your virtual experience is top notch.

To summarize, this means that CariNet, INC eases our concerns and need for the hardware and connectivity and allows InWorldz to focus on the grid and related software."


"We are very much an independent company. Cari.NET's interest is the technological side of things, so let me expound on that a tad

While we were out there, both companies keep a very close tab on what tech is out there, where things are going, and have a good pulse on their individual business models. Over the last two years we've dealt with Cari.NET, I can personally say I've watched them grow and learn based on our business needs. Things they originally didn't understand, they dove into, and learned, and then able to help us further from that. It's been a mutual growing experience for both companies.

They have zero interest in running our business or diving into our business model we've set up. Will they offer advice they see from a technical standpoint that can help us increase profits? Definitely, which is good news for our residents as we watch our grid grow, we can do our best to keep our costs down, thus passing that on to you, our residents. This will keep up with the growth and scaling, and making it a viable platform for every single user.

It also allows us access to hardware and other tech goodies that makes Tranq swoon (or drool, depending on your point of view) that you'll start to see us testing out here very shortly. These are things we would not have had access to in the past, and we're already able to take advantage of, as you'll see in the coming weeks we start testing those things.....

As well as we'll be able to use more reliable platforms, add more redundancy, use technologies that make managing the grid easier, use technologies that make updating adding and removing servers easier. All things that maximize your time and stability in world."

Probably not a lot more I can add to that...

Server limitations have held Second Life back for years and such things as lag and sim crossings will never be conquered in SL because of the server structuring. InWorldz will now have such a huge advantage that it's success is almost guaranteed.

Great News.


  1. So... how come a small bunch of amateurs (sic) can get this happening in 3 years and a bit, and LL "we invented it here" can't figure something out in the same three years with what I'd guess would be more resources and channels and contacts? Hmm. /me pondering

  2. Yes, exactly....and who is going to be left behind very shortly at this rate?

  3. @Miso LL under estimated their own product and when they opened the flood gates, they didnt expect to have such a run on Second Life. By that time it was already to late to get a good server structuring in place. So basically they were running behind the facts.

  4. Yes...AND.... putting adjacent sims on servers in different states was a Mega Cock-Up..... sim crossings were never gonna work that way.