Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Rezzday, InWorldz...

Built a couple of new Oak Trees InWorldz over the past couple of days, loosely based on their SL cousins. Always good to have not-too-kooky trees for people who want a Not-Too-Kooky-Forest. Will no doubt make a few different (kooky?) colour schemes over time.

Some of you may recognise this Bluebird Orchid from SL, it's now available in IW where the fact that its a bit prim heavy won't worry anyone....

Now, Saturday, it is my Rezzday in Inworldz. ... and, you are, of course all welcome. Still trying to find a DJ, and I've asked DD if he wants to come to IW for the first time and do a gig... we will see... thing is for certain...I will be there from 2 til 4 pm PDT and will be dancing to the radio if nothing else.....or chilling with a few friends. Probable location, all bugs willing, will be Alchemy Labs at my platform (400m)....just IM for a tp when you arrive.


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