Sunday, 18 July 2010

Bye Bye Tier...

....Bye Bye Beach...

I have decided I am paying tier for one more week... then, that is it.

I'm not gonna be disappearing, just the shop and the beach will. I have been on the beach for about three years now and I paid a fortune for the land which I will, of course, never get back..but I have had my money's worth out of it and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

....reasons??... well I am paying 650% more per prim than I would in InWorldz. My future lies in InWorldz, I think, because it is the only place where I could afford a sim, and to do a forest I would need a sim really...

Still, hope to do shows here and will still be able to rezz items for sale when asked...

I am starting my build at IBM on 21st August and hope to have it open a fortnight or so after that... so..plenty of building to do...

It's very emotional, if you think changing your av is becoming homeless is even more so, but change is always better than stagnation.



  1. soro, I still return to the estate where I had my first land. The original island has been sold twice now... and a content free Northeast corner of any estate all looks the same. But for me it's different's my first home.
    I understand.

  2. yep, it will always be my first real home...:))

  3. I will soon come with a course for the ones who have now to live under the bridge. I am an expert on that.

  4. Excellent, SaveMe, maybe you can do the Burniversity thingy...

  5. First we go out for a fieldtrip with the baseball bat.