Friday, 30 July 2010

Rumours or reality.....

I heard, and have not been able to confirm or deny ....Philip will NOT be at the SLCC in person.

I have been told, by a very reliable source, that on the back of this news "a man" quit 100 sims and walked out of SL... maybe the twitters know things I don't...will be interesting to hear...

As if the stupid meeting wasn't bad enough....lottery tickets for the right to Twitter the and wallace and Gromit Linden will moderate...heheheh...sounds like a laugh...not.....then to add insult to injury, it seems Philip is too busy to talk to his customers in person, at SLCC, and will do so by phone, sorry...telesomething device....

This news, if true, is just catastrophic, and sadly likely......

How can so many people (the Boys) know so little about PR???

Waiting to hear......



  1. duh!!...I forgot the crackers....

  2. "How can so many people (the Boys) know so little about PR???"?

    ....hehehe that's easy, when you're absolutely positive you are RIGHT...and all those IDIOTS (read most of us) just don't understand.

    When I'm positive I'm right, you can't convince me with facts, fotunately, in these last few years I've gotten old enough to be able to say and believe one of the best lines around...
    "You may be right"

  3. Ooooh lovely shoes, remembers them fondly from ever so many dances at Flash.

    On an other note, remember Bavid and Lunata? Bavid is unsure of iWz but does say SL, "has an odor of decay about it."


  4. hheheheehhe... are super cool...:))