Saturday, 3 July 2010

UWA ..June round...

Yes, the monthly round of UWA's art competition has come around again and it's time to go and vote for your favourites...or...just go and see the best show on the grid.

Here are a few I liked....

Medusa's Gaze by Pravda Core...this classical sculpture is a very accomplished piece, and one of my favs. I know it is possible to do all sorts of fancy stuff with anim smooth textures, scripts and stuff, but sculpture is a complicated enough art form in itself and a lot of 'whistles and bells' just mask the fact, often, that the person can't sculpt.

Pravda can.

Ub Yifu can too....of that there is no doubt, as his Chinese Dragon (above) clearly demonstrates ..[dodgy photo]..

Corcosman has long been a fav sculptor in SL and his Flautist demonstrates that clearly, it would stand proudly with White Lebed's musicians too.

...and...nice to see so many classic sculptors show simultaneously..... The Elephant Child by Eliza Wierwight is a significant piece and her other, 'Angel in Edit' I found very appealing too.

Saveme Oh gives her take on Nipplegate... and causes a huge grin, for me, anyway.

Panopticon by Theoretical Afterthought is a thoughtful piece and, tho I don't usually read notecards, this one DID prove to be worth reading....(mostly they are just self-promotional hype which say little about the piece....../me is guilty, too)

...ahh...."nise ichiyou no Soror"... a great compliment from a dear friend.... and, in a classic way, a good piece of art... but I would say that wouldn't I? Miso Musanowa...xxxx

...some more flora.... Sharni's Fae sanctuary incorporates an unusual tree in a very beautiful textured build...this girl is a real texture queen.

...and nice to see Nish Mip blossom forth into the world of flora with "Bloom'...:))

Now, UWA have a 500,000L$ prize pool....details as follows.....I would just like again to say that LL 's efforts to promote the arts in SL is so feeble as to be non-existant, and it's poor show at SL7B where The Official LL Artist, Bryn, occupies the site, compares soo poorly with UWA who have given hundreds of small cash prizes to hundreds of new and old artists on a monthly basis.

"Current total prize pool is more than L$500,000.

A brief summary of the prizes, please read on for the details:

THE IMAGINE CHALLENGE (Art & Design Challenge)
Monthly Prizes:
L$5,000 + RL Custom Tshirt (1st Prize)
L$4,000 Casey Cultural prize (Best work displaying Western Australia)
L$1,750 + RL Custom TShirt (Best non-Scripted entry) ,
L$1,750 (2nd Prize)
L$700 People's Choice Award (1st Prize) L$400 (2nd Prize)
Grand Prize: L$75,000 (1st) L$14,000 (2nd), L$14,000 (Best non-Scripted entry)
* RL custom T-Shirts will be made for the winners based on their favourite texture. This will be custom made, and posted to them, wherever they are in the world! These special prizes come curtesy of and
You can enter up to 2 entries each month, or any month that you choose.
There is also a monthly prize for best non-scripted entry.
There is a people's choice prize every month for the Imagine Challenge.
The Casey Cultural Prize is given monthly from January 2010 to the artwork that best displays aspects of Western Australia (history, culture, art, education, contemporary).
Max prims per entry 100. Take care with script loading.

Starts with a monthly pool of L$6000 and goes up with all donations to the tip jar in the Imagine Gallery - all artists not winning one of the major awards will receive a share.

FLAGSHIP PRIZES (Architectural competition)
Monthly Prize: L$5,000 (1st) L$1,750 (2nd)
Grand Prize: L$75,000 (1st) L$14,000 (2nd)
Create a concept build/model for UWA's RL Cultural Precinct. Max prims 999. Extra prims abvailable for the art to display in the spaces.

To submit entries for Imagine and Flagship Challenges visit the UWA Art & Design Landing point and drop your entry in the receiver."

...for even more details, contact Jayjay Zifanwe, or Quadrapop Lane, or I have a copy too...

anyway....67 artists showing....go along and see and vote for the people's choice if you feel like it.



  1. yeah some amazing pieces from quite a few coming into the challenge for the very first time.

  2. Yes, an amazing list of talented people you must have collected over the last few months.

  3. Only a pity Jayjay is such a big coward to not put the final version of my work LITTLE SUCKER, because he don't dare to face the almighty LINDEN as he is payed too. Want to see how it should be??

  4. Ah well, at least he isn't frightened of nipples...:)))

  5. He is frightened of Philip, don't know what shocks me more!

  6. oh noooo saveme. as explained in our IM's we know that you were sacrificing yourself for the art, as magnanimous President of second life by placing that name tattoed there alongside the beautiful body, and we just couldnt allow you to make that ultimate sacrifice.

    so we dived in the path of that bullet!

  7. hehehehhe..... you two are v cool. xxx

  8. What a shame, rescued by an Australian, so totally not heroic. How can I ever face my fans??
    Philip, darling...please do it quick before I am cuddled to death by a koala.

  9. yep....absolutely agree... he has a store too

    @ saveme...hehhehe.... xxx