Friday, 23 July 2010


A delusion, in everyday language, is a fixed belief that is either false, fanciful, or derived from deception......

"The other key short term goal is to very rapidly make Viewer 2.x the best and most widely-used Second Life viewer. We are unifying efforts across the lab to make this viewer both the best-performing and the most functionally capable for all different users, as well as hopefully becoming the underlying codebase for lots of third party development."

Now, I accept that I am no expert, but.... if you release a product that is the most dismal failure, and, in spite of the fact that more than 50% of your customers refuse to use it... you carry on , determined that it is basically all right "just needs a few tweaks".....well, I would say you are delusional.

"Give a dog a bad name..." is an old english saying, the second part of the saying is.... " and shoot it". I am sure, beyond doubt, that any marketing 'expert' would say that from the initial release of Viewer 2.0 and its reception there is no way on Earth to make it the "best and most widely-used Second Life viewer". That is not just optimistic enthusiasm, that is delusive.

In fact, it has gone so badly wrong that call it Viewer 3.0, or 4.0, you have and will always have lost a HUGE percentage of users. people with long memories, "once bitten, twice shy" as we are exploring the folkiness of the english language.....

....and, if you can't as CEO understand this, and are still.."unifying efforts across the lab to make this viewer both the best-performing and the most functionally capable for all different users".... then you are continuing to waste time and money.

Luckily, not mine...

after tonight....



  1. this is also an excellent clinical example of "denial." LL is in denial about the reality of the popularity of Emerald (and the other viewers). Viewer 2 is expressly designed to be incompatible with Emerald users. It uses a completely different wardrobe database, so that Emerald users who *might* use SL2 on occasion (like me) won't go near it because of the clothing hassles that ensue. bleh. /me is so disappointed in the Lindens. :-(

  2. I dunno. Kirsten actually has done a decent job of taking the Viewer 2 code and creating a half-decent client. As far as delusion, I think Microsoft has proven that you can take a very crappy piece of software and still make it the most used in a market (Internet Exploder is the first to come to mind)..

    I'm not saying the idea is a good one, or that the viewer is a good one..only that it might not be as delusional as you may think.

  3. Oh, it's delusional all right, ELQ... but your Microsoft example serves to show that's it's not uncommon in the business world.

    What disturbs me (a little) is the other way LL could make Spewer 2 "the best-performing and the most functionally capable"... They proved on March 31 that they can change the ToS however they like, say it doesn't go into effect for 30 days, but make you agree to the new one before you can log in. The 3rd-party viewer policy could vanish without notice, and voila! 2.1 is the best, by default.

    Not saying Phil would do that... but M and T wouldn't have thought twice.

  4. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is also a hallmark of mental illness.

    Force me to use 2.ought oh and I will...........
    just long enought to refund my residents tier, give them a link to Inworldz, say goodbye to my friends, and log out.

  5. Yes, it's obviously true that, in theory, in time, as the mountains erode to the sea, Spewer 2 (good name Lalo) could become the best viewer as the others get banned....but.......of all the aims he could have..... of all the ideals he could strive for....

  6. This is really my point. Internet Exploder is still the most commonly used browser simply because Windoze is the OS pre-installed on the majority of computers manufactured - and you can't have Windoze without having IE. Same thing here. In a single day Viewer 2 could VERY easily become the viewer used by 100% of SL users.