Sunday, 4 July 2010

UWA and Cole's gals.

Well, normally gals get their panties in a twist turning up at a posh do wearing the same outfit...but...firstly, to have Sharni as Dress Sista just shows good taste, and secondly, to be wearing one of ColeMarie's latest pieces is v classy.

We both had a good giggle..... Thanks Cole...xxxx

Now.....there were lots of prizes given out and I'll leave the UWAinSL blog to give you all the details.....suffice to say....

VERTICAL SPIRAL KALEIDOSCOPE by FreeWee Ling took the first prize which I am personally v pleased about because I felt she had already submitted genus pieces in previous rounds, as did Aliz when we chatted about it the other night....

and Best Non-Scripted Entry was MEDUSA'S GAZE by Pravda Core which I blogged yesterday...

PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD - 1st prize was awarded to Lea Supermarine & Jarapanda Snook - Music of the Spheres ...

..and I hope the other worthy prize winners won't mind if I leave it at that... Jayjay will have pictures of the winners on the UWA site soon enough....

...because I want to give full details of another competition by UWA....for a Trophy Design.

UWA 3D Design Challenge Trophy Contest

The residents of Artemisia are happy to sponsor a contest to design the official award objects for the UWA 3D Design Challenges. The objects will be presented to each winner of the monthly challenge as a keepsake to display with their entries or to place on a shelf.

Prize: 3000L

Deadline for sumbissions: Saturday, July 31, 2010, 11:59 PM

Winner will be announced and the winning entry used for the July Challenge round awards at the August awards ceremony.

Submit FULL PERM entries to FreeWee Ling or deposit them in the special drop boxes at:
UWA or Artemisia


We expect that there will be only one winning award object (a trophy) to represent UWA and to be presented to all Design Challenge winners. These may or may not be used also for the Flagship Challenge. The trophy base will be customized for the specific awards. If we get several excellent entries, we may decide to use more than one. If that is the case, each winning entry will receive a full cash (Linden) prize.

ID: Submissions must be FULL PERM. Please include your name as part of the object name.

SIZE: (Your entry must be able to fit entirely within The bounding box on top of the base ( 0.2 x 0.2 x 0.25 meters). IT NEED NOT FILL THE BOX! This is the MAXIMUM size. Preference will be given to objects that are appropriately proportional. We are looking for elegance and simplicity. Note that the box is intentionally small so that the final projects may be resized larger for the different award levels. This box is the smallest they will be....[best find out about the was supposed to be attached, but it went awol]

PRIMS: You are limited to a maximum of 10 (ten) prims.

NO SCRIPTED OBJECTS: The trophy should not distract from the object that won the award. It should be a simple, static object. No moving parts or particle emitters.

The award object should be in keeping with the creative energy of the UWA Challenge. It should be creative, interesting, and unique.

If you have questions please contact FreeWee Ling.

FreeWee represents the residents of Artemisia, a residential sim dedicated to living in an engaging environment. Artemisia: Living with Art."....end of..

So...get cracking geniuses...



  1. HAHAHAH New store coming this week I swear it... just swamped in work XD and you ladies make it look totally more posh than I meant it to... everyone who has worn it makes it all high fashion where as I was running around in ears and a tail with it hahaha

  2. Well, I was wearing wings but it was a bit laggy.... I scrub up well.

  3. UWA's blog post with full results will be up soon. I'll post here when it is

    Thanks to everybody who came !

  4. ok its's up!

  5. excellent, thanks Jayjay, another good event.