Monday, 5 July 2010

Sunday.... chilling.

Well, after UWA, I had tea with Kandiii Kidd in one of her four spaceships she has moored up in the cosmos, somewhere...and very pleasant it was too.
Kandiii is looking to learn a little more about building and I pointed her in the direction of the Ivory Tower, a place a few of you may have heard of. You can go there and pick up bits and pieces of building knowledge and skills at your own pace. Perfect for someone who has an RL bundle of fun that keeps interfering with their SL.
Similarly, the Particle Laboratory can teach you everything you want to know about particles (obviously), again, at your own pace.
These are two places we should recommend more often to new builders I think.

You can find both in Search, or IM me.

Did some planting in Inworldz again, this time at Mouser's (work in progress) mall at Alchemy Labs. Was very pleased to meet more new people there, builders and scripters, and notived that it was just a week ago I announced on this blog that there were 6000 residents.....this week its 7000...thats a 17% increase in a week, if my calculator serves me well.

Now, the cynical amongst us may say..well, 17% increase in residents doesn't butter no parsnips (tho they would probably be English if they did) but the 17% is backed up by a 9% increase in Regions (sims) ...which means a 9% increase in income IN ONE WEEK.!!...congrats.

Now...I don't understand anything at all of how these worlds are coded, but I am informed by people with huge brains that it's all being done better than SL, and that the Physics (spelled differently, and totally mysterious to me....) is gonna be better too....well, I take their word for it and hope someone with a Coded Brain will comment on the exact details below, in comments (please).

In other news the Middle East rears it's ugly head in SL and people have spent their Sundays reading the comments on the Linden blog... I read a bit, then gave up.... Shallow, maybe, but I had hair to went shopping.

My take on the whole thing is this:
nearly every country has committed mass murder and horrendous acts against humanity in their past.
Some still continue to do so.
Its rough.
I don't like it.
I can't trust any of the "facts" I have at my disposal...because everyone concerned lies. spite of "Freedom of Speech" some topics are off the agenda.
Israel is one of them.

Lalo wrote a good post here, about Democracy in SL, which is fitting on the 4th...

.... happy birthday Americans....(a little belated, its true)...



  1. Thanks so much for the Inworldz updates soro.

    I've been so busy trying to keep my Secondlife Estate afloat that I've missed the Inworldz experience for a couple weeks. Guessin' today I'll need to put in an appearance just to keep my hand in.
    Still tryin' to decide if a sim is what I want/need to do.

  2. June 29: 6000
    July 4: 7000

    Not bad, 1000 sign-ups in six days. At that rate, it will only take 9 months to equal SL's median concurrent logins. :P

    But we don't necessarily want InWorldz to get that big, do we? "Thriving" doesn't have "huge" as a prerequisite.

    btw: Wonderful to have you visit today! :)

    .. and, Brinda: please look me up when you next come to IW. I'm there now more than I am in SL.

  3. Yes, Brinda, you do need a sim in Inworldz....:)) look forward to seeing you in there again..

    Lalo, yes, very good to visit, happy to meet Alisa too.... keep building, you have thousands more prims ...
    ....size, no... it's not important, optimum is seldom maximum.