Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Garage sale....

Spurred on by Bau Ur, and with the generous donation of a piece of land by Oona Ra, I have set out a few pieces for sale

the idea is that some people may have missed the last day I was at the beach and not managed to grab another Nishi product to help fill their invents...:)))

"Prism Lila is a growth oriented community, focused on promoting harmony and friendship between its residents and beyond. Our theme is 'play to learn and grow.'"... and they have land for hire if you would like to be a part of their community....

"We are a friendly community, and we haven't really had any problems that can't be settled between neighbors. The rules are intended to give all of us the things we want as a community.

The most important rule is this: Embrace the art of living and live colourfully."

Well, I certainly try...

I am here for a fortnight...



  1. And I've just bought some woodland flowers and the slipper idea where I'm gonna put them all...but hey! I now own a Soror Nishi!!

  2. :)))
    well...I have a pot if you need them planted indoors...:))...just call..