Friday, 30 July 2010

Wallace and Gromit update...

"UPDATE: For those who didn’t get drawn in the lottery to attend, you’ll be able to watch, listen, and read the video, audio, and text transcription of the event live as it happens at Treet.TV will stream the entire event, and Virtual Ability will provide a live text transcription in a dedicated IRC channel on the Treet.TV page.

Attendees will be able to direct questions to Philip and BK via an inworld IM to our moderator, Wallace Linden, and we’ll also be taking questions on Twitter: just direct a Tweet to @secondlife.

For those who were selected to attend, please arrive at the event a few minutes ahead of time and plan to get started at 10am PST. As noted above, Philip and BK will speak for approximately 30 minutes, and the second half of the hour will be devoted to questions, before we wrap up at 11am. We look forward to seeing you inworld!



hmmm... sounds far too grown up for me....well...boring.

....and... starting now......a protest about the Gulf Oil Spill, well...excuse me, but is that really of any use?? Crying over spilt milk, we all do, at times...but getting righteous and indignant when someone else did it... not sure I see the point. There is surely no-one who disagrees that it was bad, wrong, and, preaching to the converted has always seemed like a self-satisfied hobby to me...

In other news....i finally got some good shoes in IWz.....

..from Sunny Whitfield...

and...I have another little build InWorldz at Angel's Loft, thanks to Jeri's generosity... photos tomorrow...

and....another garage sale in to follow..

....the weather remains fair.



  1. Pass the wensleydale. I'm already bored. those shoes rock but I'm holding out for something with a heel.

  2. Heels is the flats that were hard to get...:)) They are great for a Fast, Easy Escape...