Saturday, 31 July 2010

Nishi Disposals

Juanito Deharo has been so kind as to offer me some prims to put out some trees and things for sale. I have changed permissions to make almost everything copy/mod and should you need anything....... just pop over here.

Meanwhile, in InWorldz, I have set out a small oak forest and some few trees at Angel's Loft....

Jeri Rahja who owns Angel's Loft has some spare prims and would like to sponsor anyone who makes quality stuff with some space as she hasn't used up her 45,000 you need some space to set things out, or display some art, get in touch with her, or talk to me first.

This would be a good way to get a bit of a foothold in IWz...... after all, fast, easy, fun might get a bit much .......

Miso, Wizzy and I solving the worlds problems by the light of the moon last night....

all cool..


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