Friday, 16 July 2010

I am Absolutely Furious.

Actually, I have gone beyond fury into that cold, evil place where I just want to hurt people. Not everyone, just Lindens.

I know this may shock those of you who have known me for a while, either inworld or through these pages, and the reason I have flipped will seem somewhat pathetic.

However, the straw that broke the camels back, is just that, a straw. It is, by definition useless to say...."Ha! call yourself a camel and you can't even carry that straw?!" The Last Straw is just that.....

My tale of unbounded fury begins with that increasingly annoying blog, NWN, where I read, Playing with Kirstens Second Life Shadows, and I downloaded the S20 viewer.....only to find...eeek.... that it is the Dreaded Viewer 2.0 (in disguise) that pile of crap produced by 5000 blind monkeys typing random code until by pure chance The Crappiest Viewer on Earth had been created.

I dumped it immediately...

...too late... "Viewer 2 will not replace viewer 1.23 software on you computer".....simply fuck with it a bit.

Now, anyone above the age of say....3 years old... knows that survival on earth is dependent on NOT MESSING WITH MUMMY'S WARDROBE!!!.....or rearranging Daddy's tool shed either.....

Anyone who has ever lived with girlfriends/wives/sisters, knows that this is a cardinal Law of Nature....blood could flow (yours) ....the same applies to boyfriends/husbands/daddy's tools.

Except for the retarded fools that designed Viewer 2.0

Exhibit A...

I have now, whatever viewer I use, 3 useless folders. These are folders that cannot be rearranged, deleted or renamed....

"Favorites" is sooo pathetic... who has a file called Favorites?... favourite WHAT for god's sake...'Miscellaneous' I could understand... but this is just stupidity....

...nothing however compared to..... "My Outfits"... well, IDIOT they are bound to be mine the 'My' is totally ridiculous, who's outfits can I hold in my invent? The Pope's?? Obama's?? Get a grip....

...and...the one called "Current Outfit"...for those fools who can't type "worn" into their search...

Now, for 3 years I have filed objects under Object and clothes under Clothing etc etc.. and that has worked out OK. Now, however, because of the alphabetical nature of these new folders I have my clothes strewn out over my Inventory... My Outfits (the name reminds me of my Most Hated File ever seen..."My Buddies"..) is now located between Lost and Found and Notecards... go figure....

OK, I thought to can do this, you can live with the idiocy of others, you have done so all your life...Governments impose stupidity daily on us plebs, after all.

That went OK, until I realised that there had been meetings in the Lab, people had sat around expensive tables discussing this nonsense, people had made 'informed' decisions and taken 'a view' that....for example... instead of giving us scalable prims...we could have "My Outfits".

The fury struck for real then, when I realised I am paying their wages... that is something I can't forgive myself for...

.. so...the only sensible course of action is to withdraw my financial support, and, although my tier is only $1057.56 per annum, I must be able to find a better home for those dollars.

I ain't gonna work on Maggie's farm no more..... fuck 'em.



  1. Love the ending quote and I am with you that it bears wondering how they make these freaking choices...I know the fashionistas really like the new folders, but I find it all rather pointless.

  2. Hi soror --

    I absolutely agree with you that the people who designed the V2 GUI are imbeciles. I hate it. I won't use it unless they make it mandatory, at which point they may lose my substantial investment as well (I'm a full retail sim owner). I'm sorry you were pushed to the brink, but I can certainly empathize.

    Having said that, I am also not a Luddite. If they do something that's actually useful, I'll at least try to exploit it. For example, I've been having fun with the new Alpha clothing layer, which is supported by the current Emerald beta.

    In the case of the folders you cite, yes, they are annoying when using non-V2 viewers, but in V2 there are distinct advantages. The My Outfits folder (obviously a nod to Microshaft in naming that one) is actually a positive boon. It lets you assemble outfits, much the same as Create Outfit in the Appearance editor, EXCEPT it does not copy or move your inventory to a new folder. Instead it creates LINKS to those items. That means you can create many outfits using the same NO COPY items. If you shop and change your outfits as often as I do, or have a favorite pair of no copy boots, you might see this is a very good thing.

    The Favorites folder relates to LMs I think. I don't know about you, but I have created numerous subfolders for my LMs, including one called FAVES. Ones that I use often. In V2 this is simply a way to add a LM to such a collection more easily. I never used it in V2 because I won't use exclusive features in a viewer that wouldn't be available in my regular viewer.

    So-called "shared media" has potential, but is mostly useless until the feature is incorporated into the saner third part viewers. None of the other features in V2 are worth squat as far as I'm concerned and these are certainly not worth dealing with the many other annoyances.

    I'm fond of using the talking dog metaphor. Linden bashing seems to be a favorite sport these days and, while I'm not defending their history of really stupid moves (V2 being among the stupidest), I do try to remind myself what a freaking miracle it is that it even exists. When the dog talks, you have to appreciate the fact that it's happening at all and not be too critical about its articulation of Shakespeare.


  3. :-(( yes...and when I removed 2.ought oh, I found it had also removed my IM & chat logs. (isn't that nice?)

    Secondlife will never be PacMan or Pong, it's just not an easy qwik thing. Somewhwere recently there was a post about SL requiring a 20 hour learning curve just to get around comfortably without wearing a box on your head.

    Never mind how fascinating it might be to hear a dog talk...this is a estimated billion dollar company. A company that wants to allow access directly from the web...if I want to look at a web page I'll open another window, that way I'm in charge of who sees my IP.
    Take a look at this

    Now I could forgive the extra folders I will never use... I could even have forgiven the loss of logs.... If two point ought oh actually did make SL easier for new people to use. IT DOESN'T and now I have a hell of a time trying to help them. (actually if they show an interest in SL, I point them to Modular systems blog)

    Don't I know that the two point ought oh viewer was outsourced to somplace like Kazakhstan?
    Now I'm all for outsourcing work to those places that will do the best job... but it has to be obvious that the coders that wrote two point ought oh had certainly never built anything in SL.

  4. ROFL..I just returned to reread this post...ZOMG I needed the laugh I just had.

  5. FreeWee, thanks for the time you took to explain the 'logic' behind the dreaded folders...
    It is my first brush with Viewer 2, and, if possible, my last...... :))

    Brinda....hehehhe....glad to amuse...

  6. Nothing like the smell of burning pixels in the morning.. you go, soror; I'm down with that. :)

  7. Thanks Chrome, my keyboard has overheated and the wires are smelling like burnt fish..... :))

    I don't get real mad often, so I might as well make the most of it...

  8. Great post, too funny!

    I would never, ever intentionally install 2 on my computer.

  9. good, Pamela, unfortunately I was fooled as it was called Kirstens S20.... darn...