Friday, 30 July 2010

"It's fast, easy fun, Gromit", Wallace smiled....

I had more important and interesting things to do than attend the Wallace and Gromit show, like...count my ears for example... any good slogan, Fast Easy Fun, is one of those things that really doesn't say anything, but promises masses to the masses., that is partly dependent on your graphics card, partly on your ISP and partly on the number of dodgy scripts being run on the sim you are that then some promise of a reduction in lag? Short on details, of course...

Easy... hmmm. It was an unfortunate waste of 30 minutes last night when I got hold of the TV remote and checked out what the world of Virtual Sofas has to offer. Reality TV is a lot about Stupid Stupid People Who Can't Raise Kids, Stupid People Who Can't Eat Properly...etc. so...does the Easy refer to People Too Stupid To Download A Viewer? oh great, look forward to having a few million of them in SL...

Fun... well...with a few extra million Stupid People in here it will be a ball...

The reality is often of course Orwellian Language Corruption.... (i.e. Ministry of Peace being the War Mongrels..) I offer this Reality check...

Slow, Hard, Misery....... SL must be then seen as Slow, Hard and Miserable for the new slogan to work.. but Fast, Easy, Fun are all relative concepts...soo...compared to what? how it is at the moment? Is that Faster, Easier and Funnier?... Gromit scatched his head.... "my head hurts" he said.

and.....SUCH A BAD MOVE (Number 465).. IT IS TRUE.... Philip is, of course, far to busy to go to the SLCC. "Darn customers always shout at me, so I'm not talking to them anymore...."

" Rosedale’s speech will be delivered in world and simultaneously webcast to attendees of the Second Life Community Convention in Boston on Saturday morning." rumours were correct.... tho I haven't yet identified who dumped 100 sims, I did a little investigative journalism (like 10 minutes) and found out that sims are being dumped at about twice the speed of new ones coming online...and the average land prices have plummeted....not that we didn't know that already, of course.....and logins have just plateaued along with cash flow, inworld profits and everything...

So, all in all, good that Philip doesn't waste his time or money on a plane ticket to Boston when a phone call will do....there's only gonna be customers there anyway.

"Right" said Wallace...



  1. i've always felt that the initial SL experience served as a sort of an initiation, even an intelligence test, if you will. if you got through that first day, and then the first week, then you've got what it takes to be considered a player. there was sort of a built in respect earned there. so i appreciate your comment above, your concern about millions of dumb-asses descending on us.
    my second comment has to do with philip's comments about performance. i've noticed that the performance of the system SINCE THE LAYOFFS is significantly worse. teleportation failures now happen frequently, like back in 2007 or so. that hardly ever happened in the last year and a half or so, but is happening again.

  2. Yes, you can't sack 30% of your workforce and expect the remaining staff to pick up their work. If I was a LL employee I would be going for job interviews now, not helping plug the hole in the dyke with my thumb.

  3. Thank god... you know for the last couple of years I've had the same thought Wizzy/soro. (about being able to figure out the "new user experience")... {I am prone to fits of self absorbtion tho}.

    I posted elsewhere today that I got my first PC at age 65 & 90 days before I came to SL 3 years ago.

    This really isn't that hard for gosh sakes. No, it's not does require thinking...but to just enjoy SL, easy enuff.
    And yes, I was proud that I could do this.