Thursday, 22 July 2010

Burn 2.0 and burn the viewer at the same time.

Viewer 2.0, the most hated viewer ever, has become the official SL viewer now that it's thro its Beta testing...(LOL)...and burning it would be a great idea.

Maybe it is necessary to dump the million users SL now has in order to get its hands on the fictional 200 million it now seeks. I have the strong feeling that all the important, decision making people at LL feel that in essence, THEY ARE RIGHT AND WE ARE WRONG. If this is the case then we are on a hiding to nowhere, and might as well retreat in the face of loony generals. It's good to know what can and can't be changed...they say.

...and Burning Life I find as awful as the viewer... so Artists Endowment of the Lindens takes another turn in its development.... we can truely say now that the Boys do nothing for the Arts.....tho lending builders 40 sims for a couple of weeks was really no big deal......the rules were.

Good riddance..... you won't see me so much as sigh.

In other breaking news... this blog hits 30,000 visits (roughly 50,000 page turns...) dudes read this stuff...

.... and Party confirmed at my beach for Saturday 3 pm SLT.... it's my "bye, bye Tier" Party.... all welcome... it's gonna be a real bash...

Born Again Pagans are playing live, followed by fireworks. there or be elsewhere...



  1. I'll sure try to be there although I will expect to see you in InZ.

  2. ....thats cool, I'll be there too....... sororNishi 2.0....

  3. lol - I'd avoid anything with "2.0" tacked onto it like the plague that viewer turned out to be. But I *won't* avoid soror 2.0 :)

    As for "Burning Life"... I posted on Hamlet's blog/poll thing that I don't care. Never did, never will; just another lag-fest and source of drahma, no matter who runs it. *yawn*

    See you Saturday night!