Thursday, 1 July 2010


Quite a few people I know have worked with Desdemona Enfield, she's one of our most talented scripters. In this recent collab with Douglas Story and March MacBain (who came to SL specially to do the sound) they have created quite an amazing build.

Firstly you can change the texture on the landscape, which is pretty cool...then...following the arrows (I like arrows, they are soo international) you arrive at a huge video sphere....

The possibilities that this gives rise to begin to be obvious as you see a video loop pass from one prim to the next....(without the need for the dreaded Viewer 2.0.). It's called Ripples, tho that is not important in my view, the technology is more important than any 'backstory'.....see it at Ars Simulacra..opening party on Saturday.

...and talking of technology... NWN reports the new browser-based offering from while Botgirl reports on

Not sure why I am so underwealmed by these types of thing really. Some people think it will get more people involved in 3D stuff because they can do it from their mobile phone while commuting to work, well, that's really like a 3D Facebook type experience and not one that excites me at all.

I know RightasRain Rezzable has invested a lot of time and money in doing this since he pulled out of SL, at the same time as Orange, who left SL to do the same thing. Well, Orange I can understand, they are a phone company so fair enough. RaR was v pissed at LL and so I understand his motivation too... hmm...just really interests me so little. The graphics are apparently good, but there's more to life than graphics.

It may well just be a cultural shift, and I am too tied up in the Culture of VW's, the idea that you download a Viewer etc. is fairly ritualistic, and maybe that's what leaves me cold, losing a part of my cultural heritage, but ...

I really will struggle against any diminishing of my builders tools. For me, the freedom to build what I want will always far outweigh any glossy shiny bits (which is why I spit on the voice morphing....of all the things we could have been given....such crap!)... so. make it as easy, glossy and shiny as you like, if its not got more tools, I will be left cold.

I am not principally a consumer, tho I would kill for good shoes in Inworldz...



  1. Good shoes, You and me both. And a few other things :-)

  2. I couldn’t agree more with you… I think the impact of user created content on the culture(s) of second life is not well understood (at times… even within Linden Labs). Just the knowledge that we CAN create -changes the way we approach it.

    As for consuming… I’m always on the hunt for good short gray men’s hair... lol

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