Friday, 9 July 2010

I name thee... fool

Well the World of Warcraft is up in arms over the old Real Names thingy. Seems like it’s not only our Boys who want to earn more money from their data mining, Blizzard have caused a storm (sorry....would have been remiss of me not to....) by suggesting that they will require RL ID log-ins for their forums.

This has not been popular, to put it mildly, but I would think the users will be ignored as cash speaks louder than consumers ..some of whom are maybe as stupid as the person who last night, at that very boring meeting (part 2) I went to a while back, where a panel speculates about things they know nothing of (standard format then...)...

Wizzy was brave enough to go whereas I followed Crap’s suggestion and played in the bathroom with the other kiddies while the grown-ups talked. Glad I did as some Fool (grown up ) suggested that using Real Names could lessen IPR infringement as the persons Real Name could be imprinted on the

Now, that’s exactly the sort of stupidity that the Boys would love. Thats the sort of mentality that believes that the Government is here to protect you and really needed to bomb the shit out of men, women and children just in case there really were invisible weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

It’s also the type of foolishness that will, eventually, get the Lab to follow WoW.

Real Names...what a great Bernard Madoff...we’d all be safe then.

If, however my name was Smith (there are 3 million Smiths in USA., 0.5 million in UK...) I would obviously prefer my avatar name of ..say.. Syzygy Snugglebottom to Mary Smith being imprinted on my prims.

There are 92 million Wangs in China, 91 million Lees and 87 million Zhangs... bit of a headache I would think.. of course the Boys would never make a mistake and delete the account of an innocent Someone with the same name as the miscreant.

....and then there’s Identity Theft....if RL names were so wonderful how could they get stolen?

Well, like it or not I think it will be the general rule that, over time, those who do not reveal their RL names will be seen as terrorists and paedophiles, and the Boys will do it to protect you in your homes and stop your children being abused...they are there with the sole aim in mind of looking after you...right??

Well, it will be a great day for Inworldz and other places where this greed is not so pervasive and, should it become the law of the land (not unthinkable) would be fairly easy for me to change my RL name by deed poll to Soror Nishi....


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