Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Interactive Art.

I have a toaster, RL, you put bread into it and click the button and toast comes out.

I have a lump of Plasticine (modelling clay), you push it and it changes shape..

....neither of them would I consider High Art.

The toaster does have a special sort of relationship to my life and provides a metamorphosed product which enriches and enhances my marmalade experience, and the plasticine does have potential....

Now, why do I have to go round touching stuff in SL.?? Interactive Art in galleries drives me nuts... ITS A MACHINE...unless it's a toy, of course.

Now, there are some absolutely amazing builds I have seen (like Selavy's Nested Cubes, poor photo below) that react to the avi and transform the actual build to such an extent that you can really be a part of a fun/creation experience...something I would class as Real SL Art, genius class, but most is disappointing in the extreme.

...there are art works that use the avatar as a structural part of the piece, again, I have to think of Incomplete Cube by Selavy [or this page top right] ... brilliant.

...and my point is...???... Well, I have just read Miso's post here.. and thought, in a round-a-bout way I would try and get to the essence of what I believe is Good SL Art.... as opposed to 'Art in SL' which is a different kettle of fact, a kettle of fish would be more amusing than most 'Art in SL'....[by the way it is 'Art in SL' that the Lindens are gonna 'Endow' with their old tax deductible servers (great insight, Crap..) rather than anything innovative].

What has stayed in my head after a year or two??

don't worry...not all in this post....

it may take a while... but clicking on stuff doesn't really do it for me (some pose balls excluded...)...


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