Wednesday, 22 April 2009

too sexy for my sim

Well, I'm not actually....but I have always been of the opinion that classifying things I do as mature leaves me the possibility of doing anything I want, artistically.
However... things are changing... the Boys have issued their definition of what is and isn't mature, adult, PG here....hmmmm.....

It seems, like a lot of legislation, that is based on a "generally good idea". Its implications, however are far reaching.
As I wrote (about Nipplegate, photos in NPIRL blog, see below) earlier I have my reservations about this idea.

As Bettina wrote there is a question then about the accessibility of art.

Two main things come to mind....

1) Any one (or Alt.) who is not age verified will have limited access.
I have a good friend who left SL in protest over this Age Verification issue. He was (two years ago) convinced that this was just a disguised method of "data mining". Having seen Facebook now use its data base to increase its advertising income, it looks like my friends predictions are coming to be sound.

Well, now, I don't have any trouble myself with being age verified, but I do respect the views of those who do not want their details on a data base that can be accessed by any American law enforcement agency, or lost or misused... or SOLD.

2) The censors have the ability to define anything they want to as "Adult". Now, we know that the American puritans are less liberal than some European countries. We also know that books and photos, and other art work has been classified as Pornography in the past, only to be hailed as Great Art a decade or two later.

If it is cast in bronze, oil painted, flesh coloured, hidden by semi-transparent fabric (50%, 75%, 90% trans?) ....when is a nipple adult, when a mature nipple and when PG? I'm not nipple obsessed, just using this as an example, dear reader...:)))

It just seems a bit strange when so much explicit material is very easily available on the Interweb (and before it was magazines) that it is really worth it. I would have thought that in terms of priorities, the List of Things to Do, LL should have this way down near the bottom (mature) and just get on with sorting out the other bugs first. So much time and energy is going to be expended on this... seems a waste.