Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Pixi , daffodils and other stuff

So....this is Pixi Cosmos, but not how she normally looks, (just use this blogs search for a better photo) but how I found her the other day (with difficulty) in this nano prim avi. Anyway, she has started a new blog which is worth keeping your eye on, not because she has been so flattering about me, but because she is an "up and coming" artist. She has made three trees recently and the first two were good, but the third is fantastic.

The flower she is hiding in is an Island Daffodil which is my contribution to the Primaverda show which opens on Saturday. This is a major show. at a preview the other day my immediate thoughts were of the skills needed to stage such an event. here White Lebed who we know as a talented designer and sculptor has shown other talents and I was very impressed, its definitely gonna be a Must See.... more details will follow.

And we learn that nominations are being asked for by the Lindens. Hmmm...great....what a shame theres nothing in there to encourage Nature and Environments. What about best coral reef or tropical rain forest..... oh well... sand and Linden trees is the norm after all, I'm just a Freak of Nature.... Hmmm... now THATS a good name for a group...


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