Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Immaculate Conception of soror Nishi.

Now, this is a true tale.......

This is my humans birthday, and, 3 years ago to the day, a small canvas for oil painting was among the birthday presents....

I got painted on that canvas over the next few weeks.... and so, nothing much happened until a year later when my human heard about SL and saw a way of giving birth to me in 3D.... and I was rezzed into existence... after a years gestation.

and the rest is documented history...



  1. And we are so very glad of it. Our world would be far less colorful and imaginative had you not rezzed.

    Happy birthday, soror! Do we give you a pixelated pinch for an inch?

  2. and what a glorius flower that spawned from that beautifull seed ....and the cycle is compleate xxxx
    Happy Birthday Human x

  3. wow, such nice words, thank you pixi

  4. Bettina, thank you..

    pinch me anyday...:)))

  5. because of you sweet cheeks ....
    i now have a blog xxx

  6. ooo... leave us the address.....