Friday, 3 April 2009

Glyph Graves

these are just teasers, not spoilers...

Glyph Graves has a great show on....... well worth a visit.
Courtesy of RobertSteven Smythe and FreeWee Ling at Artemiesia, Galerie de la Vie....

Glyphs amazing moving sculptures (I normally hate rotating tex on boring stuff) are definitely worth a visit. He does the most outrageous sculpties, and I'm a sculptie fan, and then colours them with great thought and imagination.
I loved his Windswept 2, tho many are pure poetry.

Its no wonder he's one of our best sculptors. He is one of the few who use SL as a medium to produce stuff you could never see or make in FL.

While you are there.. check out a very nice piece by Sunn Thunders, next door, and two fantastic plants by my good friend (now departed SL) Kaltusaran Moonsoo outside in the flower bed.


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