Saturday, 18 April 2009

Make yourself a skin

To make a new skin, which I would recommend everyone have a go at....

1) Download free templates from Sezmra....

Sezmra Svarog has this to say about her work:

"Thank you for your interest in my work!

This is a skin resource kit for females, called "Splendor".

**You are free to use these files to create your own skins for your Second Life avatar, no matter what Grid you are using it on.
**You are free to alter these files to create your own skins in order to resell them.
**You are NOT encouraged to redistribute these files, commercially, as is. Please don't take advantage of others - it may return to haunt you.

More tips, tricks, and tutorials will be featured at

Sezmra Svarog"

2) using just the background colour to start with, cos its easiest.... muck about...either replace with a pattern of your choosing or cut and paste bits into this layer...

3) flatten the images (3) and upload as 512 x512 to SL.

Tips..... don't make them too dark.... and don't go too detailed, especially at the joins, neck and waist, its difficult to get a good seam.
the neck join you can cover with a collar or some other neck jewellery....
the waist you can hide with clothes, if you choose the right ones...

Have fun


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