Monday, 13 April 2009


I hope you will bear with me....I will be going all round the houses in order to try and clarify a few things for myself and hopefully this public musing will be a stepping stone to further thoughts.

Two questions have been on my mind these last few days... and a good question is worth a hundred glib answers..
1) Bettina asked in her blog... why do we have such trouble explaining SL to non users?
2) Why do some of the First Life imports into SL annoy me so much?...

Starting with the last question first, let me explain. If someone wants to put a toilet in their SL house, and if they find that amusing for more than 0.5 seconds...well, thats their business. Toilet humour is appealing to all sorts of people in all worlds. It doesn’t annoy me. If people want to waste good prims putting pitched roofs, and windows into houses when theres no rain, or kitchens...well....LL likes us to use prims, it’s how they get paid. It’s stupid but it doesn’t annoy me.
We know there are people who use SL as a 3D facebook, thats their business, again, it doesn’t annoy me.

Spiral staircases annoy me, if I have to use them, and narrow doorways do, too. Its an affront to all of us who have mobility “issues”, especially when places get lagged so easily.Floor to ceiling glass walls annoy me when I’ve walked into them several times trying to find an entrance to a building.

and just to prove its not only my humans architectural background causing this irritation ......stupid fashion blogs annoy me....for example.... this person suggests you dress like you got out of bed and put on your boyfriends clothes..... duh! They are in his invent, probably no trans.....and I hate everything in this blog too...
In First Life I can run up a spiral staircase, see a glass wall 10 meters or more before I get to it, and, if I want to, dress in whatever is lying by the bed...

Well, having mused on this for a while, I think there is something deeper at work here, than “soror being stroppy”.

My favourite definition of art, until I find a better one is... “a long, immense and deliberate derangement of the senses” (Rimaud)... well inline with the current trendy usage of the word ‘immersive”.

There are basically things which are NPISL, Not Possible In Second Life,
and when these things get built, imported, they break something which we are trying to create. I think the Real Weirdos are attempting with every build and import to make sure that the senses are as LITTLE deranged as possible.
The worse promoters of this cultural imperialism are LL.

And, so I come back to Bettina’s question..... why do we have trouble conveying to people what SL has to offer?
Well, most of what SL has to offer is a pale imitation of First Life, I can sit by the sea side, I don’t hear the waves or smell the salt. etc.etc.
All the time we attempt to minimalise the “derangement of the senses” we lessen the potential impact of Second Life, and lessen its appeal.

Soooooo..... what can we do?
I know I am preaching to the converted as most of my readers are avid supporters of NPIRL. I also know that theres an element of hypocrisy here as soror still has two arms and two legs and a head, unlike Betty and Selavy for example who have already moved beyond that.
It would be going too far to throw out all LMs and FL-like items from my invent... or making a new grid with only NPIRL ers.....

but...... we can make a start.

1) voice your displeasure at all public buildings (especially art galleries) which are not built and designed with avatars in mind.
2) make yourself a new pair of eyes (workshop will appear here tomorrow) and skin....
3) join Impossible IRL
4) be continued...... any suggestions welcome.



  1. Ah yes, the house issue really bugs me too!

  2. Yep, such an unimaginative use of prims... seems like such a wasted opportunity...