Monday, 27 April 2009

Two years ago.

Two years ago, give or take a couple of days, I posted these blogs. They were the first things, more or less, that I wrote....nearly 500 posts have gone by since then and 9000 pages turned. My frustration levels were high, I remember that, but I loved every minute, and still do, mostly..:)))

I am not quite so obsessed with how I look ....or am I?...:)) Obviously its the first bit of design work you do when you arrive...

"well its been a bit mad.firstly shopping takes forever so I still am not fully kitted out.
I went to Harajuku last night to check out my roots. I was born in Japan....but thats another story.
I think I have a sister...?
Anyway, I didn't find anyone. The place was deserted.
I came apon, (the way I walk) a beautiful cherry orchard in full bloom.
I was there with a friend.
And under the edge of the orchard there was a rocking chair which I sat in and thought. I looked so good that I thought I would come back with a photographer.
I couldn't use the camera yesterday (bit better today).
today i went back.
couldn't find it.
So I walked into this little japanese tea room. There were four or five of them. So I saw this seat-light-thing and did me click. wellll
suddenly I'm on my SIDE doing a 50's hollywood film star pose. I'm not fully kitted out yet.
so I IM. Hi, can anyone speak english.
lots of funny squiggles
Well I reaconed, no one home; when i get an IM
soror can you put some more clothes on please.
I said sorry and flew up into the roof space."

"thing is I'm not very good at this changing clothes thing
at least I can open a box
wearing them is the pits.

At last I found a good mall, I'll give you the address sometime.
No time to shop
but plenty too much time being wasted on other things. research...ha!
Get back to work you Idle tart.
Very pleased with skin can recommend X2
great eyes, cant remember who.
love my toes.(X2?)
hair is mine, its real."

"The service is apppppppppppppppppalllllllllling.
If it wasn't for my guardian angel, cant remember name. will post later
who helped me out
I'd probably be in a box or series of boxes, sleeping rough
well.I AM>
sleeping in a field, dont they have hotels????"

"What a disaster. Well, good news as well.
Firstly, I'm learning soooooo much.
Good news first; I found a FREE modelling studio.
very impressed
Got one good shot.. which is all a girl needs to succeed.
But I lost it in here somewhere. Thing is; I never know where I put. Sometimes I'm quite well organised and stuff, but sometime when it asks you where you want to save it, I just press ok. Could be anywhere.
Its on my profile but how to get it to you good people is beyond me."

"Now, this crummy shot above was done by me.
But the good one on the profile was mine as well. Which all goes to prove that I NEED a photographer. Seems like you have to do EVERTHING yourself. Something wrong with earning money?
Get a grip.
Now, I'm sorry but I got started . Service, ha. I had to teleport all the way back to this so-called Advertising Genius who didn't even reply the first time and so I had to "drop a notecard in his postbox"
My God
Who does he think I am, Einstein? Anyway, whats wrong with his eyes? Blind? dumb? deaf? I shouted enough to wake the dead. Bit of a bad habit, I'm trying to quit actually. I walk into a shop and shout "any service around here or what"
Never get a reply
so rude
But I must stop. I am going to be classy. I've got more to tell you on the clothes front. A hairy guy in a leopard print suit who hangs out with us at the gallery field has kindly offered to make me a decent jacket. AT LAST. His name has got something to do with the Moon. Why dont people have short names in sl?
For a few posh bits I found someone in the search and IM ed them. Help. so we'll see. But really I need Gautier so badly you would not believe.
I look like a tramp.

Anyway, I'm still sitting in the lounge at this ad agency, waiting, and the sofa is not very good, if they don't mind me saying so. I've been here over an hour. Are they in church or something.....

Well, anyway, I suppose I've got better things to do than sit here.
Lucky for me Burton told me how to write a notecard, so I told him, very politely, to put me at the TOP of his list.

Oh, and a really sweet girl showed me round a brothel!!!!!! and I found a GREAT swimming pool, didn't go in cos no swimwear as yet. Where is a personal there a personal shopper in SL?
Got to dash now."

"I've just written a heart felt plea to Jean-Paul for help. I told him I am a maiden in distress which is obvious to anyone who has seen my underwear and I cannot think that he would brush me aside if he has one single compassionate bone in his body...
Well, I guess he's probably a bit busy, but when you're that famous you should have time, what with having 'staff' and stuff, to be able to do a good deed."

Jean_Paul Gautier didn't reply to my RL email...shame...could have been great. I gave up my modelling aspirations, luckily, and started building... the rest is better documented than these early days, and my spelling/grammar has improved somewhat.



  1. Bloody brilliant!! :D
    wow the tales of the Young soror :)
    a great read and made me giggle...
    i hope my spelling and grammer improves as well as yours has !
    You have sucseeded in making your look awsome and you probibly could now, infact go into modeling . but to be honest ..... naaahhh its not you , you rock as a creator :)

  2. heheheh...yeh, I don't think modelling is really for me...
    funny tho the ideas you have when you first come in to SL, and how the virtual reality soon shapes your delusions....