Friday, 17 April 2009

eggs, and other rants..

I have a great idea for a game, children, lets paint some plywood eggs and hide them.
Then your parents and grandparents can go out looking for them. True they won't be able to eat, smell or feel them, but they can have them transferred to their pockets directly.

What? You don't think they would be interested...Hmm....well...we'll get them chomping at the bit by offering them the possibility of winning 20 dollars...that'll have 'em queueing up at the sim doors.

well, Boys, 120 Million US$ in the first Quarter of this year, in user to user transactions offering a 20 dollar prize is ....what? stupid, mean, laughable, pathetic, mind-numbingly uninteresting.... yawn... bored with this rant already.

and my money interests continue..... I got offered the job of building the best Club in SL last week..... cooool.... I was offered 20 dollars as wages. it me?? Why is there an expectation that people will work for peanuts in SL?
I lost the job cos I was not prepared to get paid 5000L, but, presumably, someone will do it for that little...
There's no minimum wage here.

And....working it out, along with the Eggs-crap-search thingy, I figured it costs me about 2000L$ a day (OR PART THEREOF) to log on to SL as thats (mainly) what I use my computer for, but, I'm no mathematician.
I took into account the ISP charges, software and hardware, membership and....... of course, the tier is while it might cost me 2000L, there are plenty of people who pay more than me.
5000L in prize money or as fees for building a club, look very thin indeed.

But these things pale into insignificance compared with the most hated of all words I have ever seen on my screen.... BUNNYJAM...
Words don't often fail me, but my loathing for fluffy mindless sentimentality in anyone over the age of 11 or 12 is beyond my abililty to communicate.
My Little Pony is cool......if you are 11... so BUNNYJAM, who exactly is this aimed at? 14 year olds are all at World of Warcrap, so why is this noxiously named event being repeatedly advertised on my screen at login??? I wonder about people being introduced to SL for the first this.:

soror: I would like to show you the infinite possibilities available in SL, its learning and creative capabilities....
noob: Ok, soror, I am v interested...please show me..
soror logs on...
LL: come to 5000L$
soror: eeek
noob thinks.....bunch of morons with a mental capability of an 11 year old...
noob: very nice soror......I don't think it's for me....
soror wants ground to open up and swallow her....

Fluffy, cutsie-wootsie, syrupy, sloppy, pre-adolescent sentimental bullshit.

Nice one Boys. You really know how to advertise the best bits, don't you....



  1. Woooo there tiger !!!!!
    this is becominglike family guy and "do you know what really grinds my gears " ha ha ha
    im kinda cutsie wootsy sometimes ...sure i dont like my little poney but i like faeries and stuff getting scared...

  2. hehhehe....very true.
    I just get fed up with all this bunny egg stuff, like I did at Christmas with the snowballs.

    Seems like the login page is used to advertise things they can't sell...its like dodgy TV adverts. I feel they'll be trying to sell me car insurance before long.

  3. hahaha BunnyJam! While I do think it's fun to have some events that appeal to the little kid in us, I completely ignored the whole "BunnyJam" thing this year, not I guess being in a childish mood at the time. I usually ignore Linden-sponsored events, really, since they're usually laggy, silly, and/or targetted at someone who is not me. I *love* the way the Lindens have enabled us to create a world; but the events that they themselves create in it are often not my cup o' tea...

  4. yeh, I'm the same. Its more often the spontaneous things that happen that amuse me...i am easily amused.
    The Boys will always try to get the masses going, like poor TV channels they will go for the common denominator.... well...thats show biz, I guess.