Saturday, 25 April 2009

Island Life

Well, lots of small bits to report... I finished my waterfall, one of those "Things I Must Get Done"... and..well...this is a rather dodgy photo of what would have been better as a video...but you can see my first waterfall build here

Pixi came over....after we had a dance at her place (which is worth a visit) with the famous Mr Malroy. It is exactly two years ago to the day that I sat and had RL coffee with Malroy and Kaltusaran and they told me about Second Life. The first I had heard of it.......

Pixi told me how she had pointed out to her neighbour the error of his building ways. In the absence of any planning laws, what else is a girl to do???

I got a Steam Funk Tree planted on the other side of my island, I hope Izabella likes it...:))

and a new species has started to colonise wet parts of the's called the Giant Island Taro....

and fajitas are off the menu...


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