Saturday, 4 April 2009

G20 hype inflation

Well, the G20 meeting in London, attended by 22 world leaders (duh! do the math, someone) has just finished and comedians the World over are missing George Bush and his specially amusing input. Obama is Ok, but he actually looks like someones President, Bush looked like a mistake had been made.

George Brown is coming pretty close to ridicule with his repeated claims to have single-handedly started a "new world order' (which sounds like a 70's pop band) and the recent claim that a Maczillion US$ would be pumped into the economy turns out to be around 100 Milllion US$ of new money (so new the ink hasn't dried on it yet).

As a gift to these influential visitors to London, each person was given a goodie bag showcasing the high points of British creativity, in this bag there was.... a tea towel, chocolates, a candle and a tie. No instructions were enclosed, though I am sure no perverse sexual ritual involving all these items was ever intended.

Now, if I gave that stuff away at a show in my freebie box I would expect everyone to be as underwealmed as the world leaders must have been.... and to think we were once a world power, drying dishes by candle-light the world over....

Meanwhile out on the naked streets of London a body of protesters broke the windows of a bank that they own 70% of... DUH !!

....and, unsurprisingly, after all the talk, the after dinner cheeses and luxury hotel rooms, nothing really changes. We have all been instinctively tightening our belts and keeping our hands in our pockets and no amount of hype is gonna get us consumers all out throwing caution to the wind. I'm no rocket scientist (yet) but I could have told em that a few months ago, (17.09.08. I wrote 'world goes tits up'...ok..maybe not very detailed economic analysis...)

It would be nice to think that people have just decided that they have enough useless crap in their lives already ... and for anyone in doubt... how many appliances have you got in that kitchen cupboard that don't get used?

All this means is that, like nature, cycles of growth and decay are the normal rhythm of things: we have to learn to live with them and adjust our lives accordingly.


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