Saturday, 18 April 2009

Welsh Bay

Alexandar Vargas very kindly bought a Steam Funk Tree to plant at Welsh bay, and I popped over to see it. There is an amazing collection of art works he has assembled over the years, well worth a browse.

The above piece is by a good friend, Charlot Dickins, a lady who's FL has kept her too busy. She is sorely missed, not only for her classical sculptural talents.

One of my's called the Three fates at Work and is on the roof of Alexandars jewellery shop here.

The Steam Funk Tree looks perfectly planted here with its dark background bringing out the colour so well.

The LALALALA Gallery is closed temporarily and so theres no point going there to see the tree is on show here and at Welsh Bay.


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  1. oh thats great soror x tree looks fab there :)