Saturday, 11 April 2009

Jedda Zenovka

Well, I really like these photos, maybe because they aren't photos..... Jedda Zenovka is showing some of her work here and I loved more or less everything there. Why? Well, I think its cos she uses photos as a starting point and plays with them until they are no longer photos but good digital art in their own right. I will have to go back and revisit....

Well, we know Wizzy likes to sit on things, (shes working on a great new piece, by the way, at the Ghetto) and this may look like I have taken a leaf out of her book, but its actually me trying to inter-act with Selavy's piece at AngelGate. As I never read instructions unless I have to, it never crossed my mind that Selavy could/would do a static piece...:))) keep us guessing Selavy....

Bryns atmosphere of romantic melancholia seeps into you slowly in her piece while you wait for the poems to rezz (it was very laggy, as predicted) and takes you to a different head-space as usual.

I haven't seen round the whole thing yet, it got too much like hard work, so will probably return a few times over the next few days...

but even tho White claims it was not a difficult thing to get together, I would say that is down to her great organisation, it could have been a mess, it looks like a well spaced out, well ordered, and well thought-through exhibition. Not many shows I go to are this well done.



  1. love that picture of you sitting on my wall piece! surprise, surprise, it's really static, no interaction at all (except that you could buy it for lots of lindens!), and i think it's an awesome work :)))

  2. ahhh...Selavy, .... one of the things I admire Du Champ for is that he never repeated himself.... you are made of the same

  3. oh soror, thanks so much. actually, this piece has a lot to do with duchamp, so if there's repetition, then me repeating duchamp ...

  4. :))... I saw the connections and know of your respect for him...:))