Thursday, 2 April 2009

My New Shop

Well, its not quite finished, but as I already am having visitors it would be neglectful of me not to invite my readers. This is the view of it from the stack, at the other end of the island.

This is it still cooking.... I have a few prims left... but not many

If you have a bad graphics card like mine the Flower Shop could take you 4 minutes to load, so go make a coffee while you are waiting...

And this is new.... one floor for me to sell furniture from....

so....the SLURL is here

and you can use the old LM, if you have the right one...otherwise you will fall...heheheh.....but its also poss to fly up from the beach of course.

for a good idea of what it looks like.... Selavy has done a great photo here

will probably have an official opening later when I have finished (which means when the imperfections are more or less tolerable) and you will get an invite if you are on my list...



  1. Alizarin Goldflake3 April 2009 at 09:38

    soror - it looks great! Can't wait to tp over and see it live. Selavy's photo makes it look very mysterious. You go girl!

  2. hehheehe...thanks and my mania may continue....:)))