Saturday, 11 April 2009

Angelgate, and other things

Bettina has, apart from several very good blog posts, found time to do a bit of planting underwater. Now while I have been just thinking about it, Bettina has got it done. You can see it at Chakryn, (227,46,1) and it is worth popping into, tho its very busy.

Now, the big show this weekend is at AngelGate, as I have mentioned before, White Lebed has done a great job putting together work from 38 artists in a (previously missplellet)" Primavera" show. This takes place this weekend, and, with 38 artists showing and using their mailers, its gonna be busy.
The address is AngelGate, (89,116,651).

I got stuck on the Yellow floor, and I'm not sure why these things annoy me so much. Strawberry Holiday has a maze, fair enough, but, because you tp into the centre you have no choice but to participate. I wasn't really in the mood for mazes, the attraction is low to non-existant for me. I finally got to see her trees but couldn't be bothered to find my way back to the tp centre so I just went home.

It seems to me that mazes are dependant on a level of skill with camera and footwork which I do not have or, rather, am not prepared to spend my SL time mastering. For me its like the RL equivalent of going to the Tate to practice hopping on one leg while patting your head. Pointless, I could build a spiral staircase on my own land and run up and down it if I wanted that level of "amusement".

But it has amused me to see the Linden Boys moving into Philosophy, as in "welcome to the first day of the rest of your Second life".....etc....on logging on.
Well, I have a few for them...."A stitch in time saves nine....." "There's no time like the present".....I have been waiting for two years for them to sort out a few bugs...e.g. alphas hopping about...
"Never put off til tomorrow what you can do today".... if Kirsten can give us shadows on our SL, why can't LL get it together????
and a new one..."I think therefore I spam"... stop giving us stupid messages when we log on...:))

Remember, dear reader, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.



  1. You went :) Chakryn's underwater coral reef featuring your trees was fun to set up, to be sure. If I had a full sim, I'd populate that coral reef with fish.

    Hey, do you know about Slurl Builder? I just used it to generate a slurl based on the coordinates you provided for Chakryn:

    Another easy way to do it is teleport to the location, open the map, grab the slurl, and then just hyperlink to it from the blog.

  2. My underwater fishy area has run out of prims too....oh well.... gives me something to leave for a future date...:))

    yeh, I do do SLURLs at times..... not often...:))