Monday, 20 April 2009

Avatar Nest

Now, I have often talked about avatar architecture in these pages and have not yet got round to demonstrating exactly what I mean.

Any good piece of art or architecture has to pay more than just lip-service to its context.
Context is the frame, cultural and site specific, and it should be fairly obvious that building a house on the moon should/would/could be a different design task than designing on earth.
Unfortunately, most builders and architects in SL build exactly the same sort of rubbish in SL that they do in FL.

So I would like to demonstrate the types of structures which I think it would be more appropriate to consider, given an avatars abilities, in the context of SL.

This is the structural start of an Avatar Nest. 13 prims for the basic structure.

Any flying being would tend to make its abode above the level of the ground.
The obvious reasons for this are:
Ease of take-off
The local habitat is not disturbed.

I will post more as I start to embellish this project with some decoration, and will always be happy to show anyone around.
Currently there are 3 spaces, formed out of a consideration of what avatars need;

1) Sedate socialising in the smaller of the three areas, room for sofas, probably a shade tree and various cultural bits...
2) The deep nest houses a very private area (like a white egg) for intimate social activities, changing clothes, or introvert contemplation.
3) A large flat area brightly decorated for dancing or other extrovert social interaction, an overtly "public" space. Alternatively this area could be used for building, being an open, uncluttered area.

This second structure is basically the first building I ever made in SL, it is a 10 prim small house.

The white globe houses the "bedroom" or changing room.
The seating area by the pool.... nice with some 'float' anims.....

... below I used as a gallery for displaying my FL art.

Now, obviously this is just the start. I would like to encourage discussion of the basic idea that a new type of architecture is needed. I am, as I said, very happy to show anyone around who is interested and hope to be able to continue working with others towards some improvement in the dismal situation of Sl architecture today.



  1. Awesome ideas! As you might imagine, I resonate with this entirely!

  2. thanks, yes, I think SL architecture will evolve, but building, like farming isa very conservative business.