Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Ghost, literally, in the machine.

Well, its a bit spookie when someone just stands around on your parcel and doesnt speak to you for two days.
Kinda weird..... so, anyway.... turns out she's not here.

A ghost.

So the ghost has an alt....and the owner of the ghost can't log on as LL says she's already online.....gets quite tricky. Anyway the alt had a friend... Cormac Jaxxon, the big guy, and he came over as a type of Ghostbuster to move the girl along.

Trouble with that plan is, that although she looks like she's there, she isn't.

Couldn't kill her, or ban her...

I tried planting flowers on her, just to sort of disguise her a bit, make her blend in...

Told you it was tricky.

Sent in a Jira... lol.....couldn't the Boys make it any MORE difficult to understand... my oh my....what a nonsense...
Hopefully a sim restart will shift the ghost....


1 comment:

  1. spooky dooks...yeas its really strange seeing your own ghost ...the time continuum doesnt let you cross paths with your other dimensional self ,so if you go to meet them ... one of you will dissapear... but ..wich one? (mystical music here )!