Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Clothes and more

Bean popped over and we got to talking about clothes, cos I really hate his T-shirt and we've know each other long enough to be able to say that sort of thing.

But I still have that same question about men, why is it that they never change? Seems that being a man exempts you from needing to help Mother nature along with a little embellishment and a few nice pieces of cloth or jewellery.

Do the genes excuse the jeans?

Now, bean is not that bad looking, he's had girlfriends and stuff, but there are those where things have gone too far, by FAR...and for those individuals we have the fashion police

This is a blog which is well worth a visit, being quite a cringe-making laugh.

On the total, total, total opposite end of the spectrum is a man who makes me kinda lost for words

This is what I missed, and maybe you too....
Not Possible IRL: Here's what you missed... Kazuhiro Aridian's avatars

Wow ... I tend to say that a lot...sorry


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