Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Adult content... :))

Well... the big talking point for some (mainly the bloggers I think) this month has been the Linden Boys' idea to get sex segregated in SL so that you can't bump into it by accident.... "In particular, it has become clear that some Residents are interested in pursuing certain “Adult” activities in Second Life that others would rather not casually encounter."

Well...there are obvious pros and cons with this... and many people have voiced their opinions on the matter..

To be quite precise...

"First, it will provide a way to geographically separate Adult content and activities to a part of the “mainland” designed to accommodate these activities (Estate owners with Adult content on their land will be required to flag their content; they will not be required to move).

Second, it will filter search results, so that those who do not wish to see “Adult” results will not.

Third, it will require that those who access or see “Adult” content (whether on land or in search) have had their accounts verified – such as by a payment or age verification method."

Well, that all sounds fairly clear cut....until you start to remember Nipplegate, at Burning Life. For those too young to remember or who haven't heard...Nipplegate was the case of a statue in a PG sim that had nipples. Now... lets be serious ..there aren't that many children who havent seen nipples on a regular basis...(i.e. several times a day..) and, compared to what else you could stumble across on the web.....lol...

So...this is the problem....what is Adult Content? Obviously the recently sold out devices from Xcite ( you know which ones I mean) are fairly shocking, I guess, (if you have lead a sheltered life) and quite obviously Adult with a capital A.

Nipples on stone structures.. hmmmm, doubtful,... but with the Boys you never know..

Now I have seen a few girls walking round mostly dressed.... and they could be borderline...:)))) so are they banned from PG sims ..??? is there a dress code? and how would that be enforced? It all gets a little hazy, and probably not worth me using my brain on.

What I do find a little difficult though is the attempt, if thats what it is, by the Boys to please neurotic mothers (?) and the 'moral' "majority" (questionable term in the extreme) by jumping through hoops...or making us do so. Sex is so relatively harmless when compared to war and violence.

I am definitely in the "make love not war" camp.


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